Birthday Weekend Recap

This past weekend was my Birthday weekend – we have those right?!
Luckily I have some amazing coworkers and they made me a yummy homemade Strawberry Cake!
When I got home we did some Easter crafts…
The next morning we started my offical birthday off with breakfast at my favorite breakfast place – Snug on the Square.  After that we were off to soccer.
Abigail’s team was up first.  It was so cold and windy!!!
Abigail scored 3 goals!!!  She loves soccer!
Then we quickly headed over to Kate’s game.
Kate’s team did not win this week but they had a great game.
After a busy day of soccer and friend’s birthday parties we came home and got ready for my birthday dinner.
We had a great time eating dinner at Gloria’s with some of our closet friends.
Sunday afternoon after church we joined Abigail’s girl scout troop at a local roller skate rink.
This was the first time we have ever taken the girls skating and it was definitely an adventure.
Abigail’s face is priceless!!
The girls had so much fun and I think that we will try to go back soon!
I had a great time this weekend spending time with my sweet family and our friends.

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