Happy Friday!!!

I am so glad that it is finally FRIDAY!!! We have had a long week, really the past two weeks have been crazy.  All we have this weekend is just soccer, no dinners, no birthday parties, no plans!!

After having two sick kids in the past two weeks, the first thing I plan to do this weekend is do a good deep clean and disinfect everything. We found out this week that our youngest had the flu and even though our oldest was not tested for the flu we are pretty sure she had it too. We are praying that Danny and I don’t get it next.

I am so embarrassed to show this next picture but let’s be honest we all have one of those closets that needs to be cleaned and organized.  This weekend I plan to clean out and reorganize our master bath closet and our girl’s linen closet.
These are my dream closets…
It finally looks like Spring temperatures have finally arrived  and are here to stay.  So I think it is time to clean out the girl’s closet.  Since the girls share a room and a tiny closet it is really a challenge to keep it organized.
This is their closet.
I would love this to be their closet.  I love the storage boxes on the top shelf. The shoe shelf is a great idea but my girls have way to many shoes!
With pool season just around the corner it is time to get everything ready on our back porch.  We are still in the process of staining our arbor and then we can finally cover it. Once it is covered it will finally be a place we can use year around.
These storage ideas would be great for all of the pool toys.  We also need a place to hang all the wet towels and swimsuits.
This past weekend we worked really hard on our front yard landscape.  Now we have to do the same thing in the backyard.  I love spring and all of the beautiful flowers but I hate all the work to get everything “Spring” ready.  I hope to make it to Home Depot this weekend and get some new flowers for all of my flower pots.
(our front yard – the first two pictures are the before pictures and the last one is after the new mulch and flowers were planted)
I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!
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  1. We're spring cleaning this weekend, too! My linen closet, bathroom closet and pantry look the same way. I just cleaned them in January, but somehow it never lasts long. I'm glad your girls are feeling better. Hope you all stay healthy now!

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