10 on Tuesday

Today I am sharing our life for the past 10 day.  You never realize how busy you are until you start going through all your pictures!

Day 1 –

We started the month off dessert and coffee at our Pastor’s house.

We had about 30 members of our Bible Fellowship Group join us that night.
 photo c89b21ff-8555-43d3-adfb-84a50d442efc_zpsotydhmpa.png

Day 2

I have been busy lately with my wreath making business…
 photo 20160402_205403-1_zpserdkscpw.jpg

Day 3

Owning a two dogs is a glamours life – said no one ever!  The girls actually fight over who is going to clean of dog poop.

This is real life – can’t make this stuff up.
 photo 20160403_155352_zps1czx5qkj.jpg

Day 4

Sweet girls ready for school.

 photo IMG_20160404_084956_zpszbt07dsz.jpg

Day 5

We finally found some bluebonnets!!!
 photo 20160405_181215_zpswnhkeqce.jpg

 photo IMG_4467_zpssiudoeye.jpg

Day 6

This little one had her first orthodontist visit!  Luckily we will not be getting braces – YET!
 photo 20160406_142456_zpsvdl0uyps.jpg

Day 7

Danny was honored with the Volunteer of the month award.
 photo IMG_20160407_162056_zps5ky7ppx8.jpg

Day 8

Have you tried these?!?!?

I am not going to lie but I think Danny and I have eaten almost the entire package in 3 days!  They are so good.

 photo 052a3ff6-832f-494c-bef0-26d0bb787076_zpsmvlaxrmm.jpg
Day 9

I started the 21 day Fix and the girls love to workout with me.

Abigail joined me on Saturday for some Total Cardio.
 photo PhotoGrid_1460237890317_zpsxryycrjq.jpg

Day 10

Since I am doing the 21 day Fix I did some weekly meal prep on Sunday.  This was the first time every that I prepared my meals for a week!!!!  (I only prepared my lunches and breakfast for the week.)
 photo 20160410_170326_zps4rllxxq2.jpg

One last picture —

I worked really hard getting my new site up and running … I am still working on different links but I really love the way it has turned out.
 photo 2219b7a0-ff28-4bae-933b-84ec05e695c2_zpsd7dp6ygm.png

Have a great Tuesday –

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4 thoughts on “10 on Tuesday

  1. What a busy 10 days!! Love the 21 day fix…I want to start T25 again soon, but I haven’t forced myself to make the time! I Hate showering after…isn’t that pitiful?!

    1. For the past year I have just been doing the cardio machines at my gym 3 to 4 times a week but I knew I needed to do something more! I saw someone post about the 21 day fix and so far (only on day 2) I really like it! We will see if I feel the same way on day 21. I just looked up “T25” and that workout looks awesome. I may need to try that next. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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