Friday Five

Woohoo!!! So glad that it is Friday. I can not believe we only have 6 weeks left of school! Summer will be here before we know it. I thought this would be a perfect post for the 5 things that I am looking forward to doing this summer.

1. LOTS OF SWIMMING!!!!  Once warmer temperatures arrive we live in our backyard.  The girls pretty much swim every day, unless it is raining.  They will have a great tan by August and we will have gone through a lot of sunscreen.

 photo 5ae44e16-c599-4582-8e76-d3bed660a065_zpsdqwdmh1k.jpg

 photo 20160305_142849_zpsipqwcqkl.jpg

2. We kick the summer off with Abigail’s 7th birthday. Before I continue let me go set in the corner and cry!!  Okay now back to the party planning.  Abigail has been planning her own party since January. Her vision is a basketball/soccer/swimming/sleepover party. I think I will compromise and it will be a Sport’s Theme/Swimming party. I love to plan birthday parties!!! Every birthday party they have had has always been hosted in our home, so this means I have to plan some fun kids activities and I have a lot of decorating to do.

I have found two cute ideas for invitation…
 photo 70500885-e0cc-453d-a611-f69ed9ef7e1e_zpsy3x9qowd.png

 photo 9726eac9-24bb-405e-a37b-41993707698f_zpsxrh33i6l.png

3. Summer Camps. We have signed the girls up for several summer sports camps. Both girls are so excited to try to some new sports.  They are both going to a tennis camp.  They have only played tennis at school during PE so hopefully they will like the camp.  After tennis they will have basketball and probably volleyball.  We have a busy summer planned for these girls!

 photo sportscamp_zpsmcurwqqt.jpg

4.  We have not planned a summer vacation yet but we took a big family vacation last year so this year we will probably do a staycation.  There are so many great things to do around the DFW area and we could visit a new place almost every weekend during the summer.  The girls love Great Wolf Lodge so that will probably be one stop this summer.

 photo great wolf lodge2_zpss27fvtjy.jpg

Here they are when we went to the Great Wolf Lodge for the first time.  They look so young!!

 photo great wolf lodge_zpsthgsg0q6.jpg

5.  Finally, as of today I will be on the PTA board for our girls’ school next year so that means I will be attending the state PTA conference this summer.  Danny and I have always been very active in our girl’s school.  I am really excited to be a part of this great group of ladies and be able to be more involve with our daughter’s school.

 photo pta_zpskj9gyrte.png

Have a great Friday!!

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    1. I was excited when she picked this theme because I think it will be so easy to decorate the house. Also we can play a lot of different sports related games. Thanks for stopping by – Have a great week!

  1. I just hopped over here from the link up today…I’m also a DFW girl. I think we may live close because I just saw one of your previous posts and I swear I saw Amy L. in your BFG picture. 🙂 I used to do MOPS with her.

    1. So I just saw some of your previous posts and I think we definitely live close to each other and your family is so cute! I noticed that you recently visited one of our favorite local Mexican food restaurants too. We don’t have an Amy L. in our group but I know several of the girls in our class are apart of a MOPS group so you may know them. Feel free to send me an email anytime… jessicawhite2003@gmail.com Have a great week!

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