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Friday Favorites

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1. After a week full of meetings I am so glad that Friday is here.  The best part about today is I have the DAY OFF!!! Woohoo!!  Today I will be going on a field trip with my daughter’s 1st grade class.  This will be first time I have ever gone on a field trip since the girls started school.  Luckily (for me and the kids) I am only in charge of three kids and we get to walk around the zoo together…or was it four kids? I know I may be crazy but I think it’ll be a lot of fun to just hang out with my daughter and a few of her friends for a day.  I’ll have a lot of pictures on Monday so be sure to come back to see all the craziness.

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2. This weekend the girls and I are going to have some fun one on one time. Ok, one on two time. Their list of things to do this weekend is starting to get long, and overlap, and not make any sense. I plan to surprise them with a trip to the nail salon on Saturday. (Er…thank goodness they don’t read the blog yet). I’m sure at some point this weekend we will make a stop at Starbucks, do some shopping, and have lots of girl fun.

[ This is the part in my mind where the weekend is all smiles and nobody is arguing, there is no wait at Starbucks, neither girl breaks anything at the nail salon, they enjoy everything I cook all weekend long, they sleep in and go to sleep right on time, their shower doesn’t result in a 20 minute wet, arguing disaster, they pick out their own clothes (and they match) and I maybe hear an I love you mom somewhere in there. ]

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3.  While we are out shopping I plan to make a stop at Old Navy.  Since I have started working out a lot more I decided to reward myself with some new workout clothes.  I have discovered that Old Navy has some really cute workout clothes that don’t cost a fortune, which is great because I love cheap.  Here are a few items that I love…

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4. On Tuesday I did a post that was All About Me and I talked about making some new healthy choices lately.  This weekend (just like the last two weekends) I will be doing my weekly meal prep however I plan to try some new recipes.  I had never tried turkey burgers until two weeks ago and I am hooked!  I am excited to try two new yummy turkey burger recipes this weekend – Grilled Turkey Ranch Burger and Buffalo Turkey Burger (my own recipe) .  Do you have a good turkey burger recipe that you would like to share?

My meals from this week…

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5. Finally I have to share my new favorite wine.  When you are trying to eat healthy the last thing you want to do is drink a glass of wine and feel guilty about it later.  I have heard several people talk about Skinny Girl products but I had never tried them.  I bought the Calfornia White Blend on Monday night for our girl’s night and I loved it!  The best part is it’s only 300 calories per serving of three glasses. 🙂

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So grab a glass and toast to a wonderful Friday!!

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12 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. I posted about old navy work out clothes, too! I went there and then went back again, oops. I realized what good deals I was getting. I mean I got an adorable work out headband for, wait for it, 47 CENTS!!! Have a great weekend 🙂

  2. Way to go on being health conscious! You can meet any goal you have, I can just tell! I haven’t ever tried Skinny Girl wine but now I just may need to. Enjoy your sweet girls day. Happy weekend from NC!

    1. Thanks for stopping by! It is so hard to health conscious because I LOVE FOOD but since I have been working out and eating healthy for almost 2 weeks I can totally tell a difference. So that is my motivation to keep going. Hope you had a great weekend!

  3. I need some new workout clothes. I need to check out Old Navy. Honestly, I’ve been impressed with some of the workout gear I’ve bought at Walmart. My workouts aren’t too intense…mainly just walking with a stroller, but they hold up well for me.

    1. I only buy Old Navy workout clothes when they are on sale! I am way to cheap to spend more than $10 on a pair of workout shorts. Funny that you mentioned the workout clothes at Walmart because I was looking there this weekend too!! They have some really cute workout clothes. I could totally do a post on Walmart finds! 🙂

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