Weekend Recap

This weekend was all about me and the girls.  Danny left on Friday for a guy’s weekend retreat to a beautiful cabin in Oklahoma.

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The girls and I had a nice weekend but we were glad when he got home yesterday.  Here is quick look back at our weekend…

On Friday I went on my daughter’s field trip to the Dallas zoo.

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All of the girls in her class – sweet girls!!

 photo 20160422_164347_zpse15hzgds.jpg

 photo 20160422_163928_zpshi0uoawu.jpg

Her wonderful teacher and her entire class.

 photo 20160422_152856_zpsbjwbvmle.jpg

Saturday morning was all about soccer (one more weekend of soccer – YEA!!!!).  It was definitely a beautiful weekend for soccer.

 photo 20160423_082626_zpsgsl0otze.jpg

Abigail’s game…

 photo 20160423_091356_zpsg83cz4qo.jpg

 photo 20160423_093506_zpsvs52vcje.jpg

 photo 20160423_093507_zpsi4anxwwh.jpg

Then Kate’s game

 photo 20160423_103236_zpsj4ynziuu.jpg

 photo 20160423_103436_zpsloex5pyt.jpg

 photo 20160423_103441_zpsiitoufb7.jpg

Abigail and Nate – remember that blue smile and blue popcorn because there will be a story about that soon. photo 20160423_143235_zpszqftqrxs.jpg

 photo 20160423_103819_zpsynggvccy.jpg

After a fun morning of soccer I took the girls to get their nails done.

They are all ready.

 photo 20160423_144016_zps420mq4e2.jpg

 photo 20160423_144140_zpspbydhajx.jpg

 photo 20160423_144702_zpswyhdikba.jpg

AND THAT IS WHERE THE FUN ENDED!!!!  While I was getting my nails done Abigail was sitting beside me and complaining that her tummy hurt.  I told her to just give me a few minutes and we would leave.  Sad to say that did not help because the next thing out of her mouth was blue threw up EVERYWHERE!!!! I was mortified!  I felt horrible for her but two minutes later she was back to her cheery self!

Once we got home I was able to get an after picture of our beautiful nails.

 photo 20160423_162207_zps662h8aij.jpg

After our nail trip our weekend of fun came to a complete stop.  Abigail stayed on the couch the rest of day because she was still not 100%. So Kate and I just relaxed too.

Sunday we stayed home all day!  We cooked, cleaned, and just relaxed some more.  I ended the weekend with a little sewing.  Kate has a school project this Friday and I had to get her costume ready.  Can’t wait to see it all together this week.

 photo 20160424_200424_zpsok0hdtlq.jpg

Hope everyone has a great Monday!

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