Weekend Recap

This weekend was all about family time and NO SPORTS!!!  We started the weekend off with Kate’s 2nd Grade Living Museum.

 photo 20160501_172459_zpsow77v7df.jpg

All dressed and ready to be Abigail Adams

 photo 20160501_172624_zpszprhn9pd.jpg

She was told to not smile – so hard!!!

 photo 20160501_172428_zpsfkpxfm6l.jpg

Of course we needed a selfie with the statue – LOL!!!

 photo 20160501_172326_zpshyfgusnc.jpg

Kate and her friend (a very creative idea for Harriet Tubman)

 photo 20160501_172144_zpswhet03qz.jpg

And then two of her friends were Sacagawea

 photo 20160501_172106_zpsufslmmxm.jpg

 photo 20160501_172048_zpsmh3sqoak.jpg

All of Kate’s class…

 photo 20160501_172242_zps81q6mqaa.jpg

They all did a great job!  I learned a lot from the kids.

After school we headed to pick up our groceries from Wal-Mart.  I love the new online pickup!!!

 photo 20160501_172727_zpsnwlryu8x.jpg

After the pick up it rained and rained which led to all the games being cancelled on Saturday!!!!  I was so excited the games were cancelled because this meant we could actually do some family things.

I started my Saturday morning off by driving to downtown Dallas to feed the homeless.  This was a great experience.

 photo homeless_zpsov6iidzt.jpg

Then it was MOVIE TIME!!!  We went to see the Jungle Book and we all loved it.

 photo IMG_20160430_160715_zps6buzmdyi.jpg

The girls are also looking forward to seeing Finding Dory and wanted a picture with the movie setup.

 photo 20160501_171943_zpsjivgazba.jpg

 photo 20160501_172025_zpsryyw3pmd.jpg

Abigail went to a friend’s birthday party Saturday night and I enjoyed dinner with my girlfriends. So Danny took Kate out on a Daddy Daughter date.

 photo 25170_zpsvgu4sefu.jpeg

Sunday afternoon the girls had Danny build them a Jungle Book inspired fort.  Daddy’s are the best!!!

 photo 20160501_171839_zpsmi1uukmi.jpg

And here they are enjoying their fort.

 photo 20160501_171806_zpszjafugz3.jpg

After an afternoon of doing yard work I was dying to have something sweet. We had friends over for dessert last night so we all enjoyed a piece of this yummy cake – Hummingbird Cake.
 photo 20160502_100629_zpsragikwlq.jpg

Hope everyone has a great week!

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