Weekend Recap

This weekend we were busy with a bunch of random activities.  Friday afternoon I was able to attend the girl’s last school assembly.  They have been going to their school for 3 years and this was my first assembly that I have been able to attend and it was crazy loud!!  However I was so glad I was able to go because they had a special guest – Johnny Quinn – Olympic Athlete.

 photo 20160513_141317_zpsn6tyf93y.jpg

As he was leaving Kate wanted to have her picture taken with him…

 photo IMG_20160513_151536_zpsgdznh0oy.jpg

After school we had about 2 hours of free time before our babysitter was going to show up so of course the girls wanted to swim.

 photo 20160513_151809_zpsb4zrhe8l.jpg

 photo 20160513_151821_zpsepw4kb1u.jpg

Then our amazing babysitter showed up.  The girls love when Emily comes over to babysit because she brings a bag full of things for them to do.

 photo 20160513_184612_zpspy8bfqxs.jpg

And then we were off for another date night with friends.  I love having adult time with our best friends and even better we got to try a new restaurant in downtown McKinney (Harvest)

 photo 20160513_200723_zps8yd65prn.jpg

Saturday morning I was up early for another early morning workout with my friend.  This week the girls went along with me so that they could play at the park however Abigail decided to join us for the workout.

 photo 20160514_082553_zpsxyekgr05.jpg

After the workout I tried my very first Shakeology shake and I think I am hooked!

 photo IMG_20160514_104809_zpslic698xq.jpg

I was so glad the we had some free time on Saturday because I finally had time to make a new wreath for our front door.  This is for sure my favorite wreath design and most requested design to make for others.

 photo 20160514_165731_zpsnuth48jm.jpg

We ended our Saturday with dinner out…

 photo c0ad6c3d-fc56-4c5c-85eb-3646449cdca9_zpsdy7rswkv.jpg

 photo IMG_20160514_190241_zpsqqytnqii.jpg

Sunday after church Danny and I were busy because both girls had activities going on during the afternoon.

Abigail and I attended her Mother Daughter Girl Scout Tea

of course we needed fancy hats…

 photo IMG_20160515_151505_zps4nabttal.jpg

She had fun with the photo-booth props…

 photo 20160515_151410_zpsoodesvco.jpg

 photo 20160515_151421_zpspxukaupw.jpg

her Daisy troop

 photo 20160515_151829_zpswmljnr9j.jpg

sweet friends

 photo 20160515_151952_zpsqol2ogwr.jpg

Abigail and one her best friends

 photo 20160515_152559_zpsv7s9zbrc.jpg

While we were at the tea party Danny and Kate attended a birthday party at a local horse stable.

Kate was so excited to ride her horse.

 photo Resized_20160515_154901_zpsinhdqlfe.jpg

She did a great job.

 photo Resized_20160515_155947_zpsq41hoiia.jpg

 photo Resized_20160515_163534_zps6n0wgvog.jpeg

All of her friends ready to have some fun.

 photo Resized_20160515_162722_zps6nbeevxt.jpeg

We were definitely busy but we made a lot of great memories this weekend!

4 thoughts on “Weekend Recap

  1. Looks like a fun weekend! How was Harvest? I’ve heard mixed reviews. I want to try it, but I’m not good with change. I think I’m still protesting Sauce closing.

    1. We had a gift card so we thought we would try it out. Honestly I was not a huge fan. I got the pork enchiladas and they were not that good. But everyone else got the Chicken Fried Steak and it was so delicious!!

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