Field Day 2016

This past Friday I spent the entire day at our girl’s school while they participated in Field Day.  I look forward to this day every year because it is always so much fun watching the kids play some fun and crazy games.

Let the fun begin…

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Up first was Kate’s 2nd grade class…

The played hot potato with water balloons.  Kate and her friend were the only two that were still going with their first balloon while everyone else had already popped all three of their balloons.

 photo 20160520_083923_zpspenauval.jpg

time to play some badminton – this was hilarious!

 photo 20160520_084616_zpsa4lh5lae.jpg

The one activity they love to do every year… pouring water into a PVC pipe that has several holes in it all over themselves… (wait until you see Abigail’s pictures…)

 photo 20160520_091353_zpsho01jd9p.jpg

 photo 20160520_091410_zpsxtwqhtbw.jpg

Sweet friends all wet from the above activity.

 photo 20160520_092849_zpszc0qe8pd.jpg

They played a girls vs boys soccer game and let’s just say these kids are very competitive.

 photo 20160520_094148_zpsljbx5orr.jpg

This game was a blast to play.  I even jumped in to play with them.

 photo 20160520_100852_zpsakbifrvs.jpg

 photo 20160520_100945_zpsajwyqic6.jpg

 photo 20160520_100949_zpshbxdvprm.jpg

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 photo 20160520_103005_zpslyn6f2kq.jpg

 photo 20160520_104955_zps4yxrlbzh.jpg

 photo 20160520_105043_zpsmsqju6ir.jpg

Finally Human Foosball.  All the parents thought this would be a fun inflatable to have at an adult party!

 photo 20160520_105717_zpsg0y5ptpe.jpg

 photo 20160520_105921_zps1vlfmakb.jpg

Love our teacher and this awesome group of kids!

 photo 20160520_111319_zps4boefhaj.jpg

 photo 20160520_1113281_zpsuuiyklra.jpg

After a quick lunch break it was time for Abigail’s field day!

 photo 20160520_115715_zpsbzp2mcu3.jpg

These kids love to photobomb pictures.

 photo 20160520_115803_zpsc2mxbdot.jpg

Abigail and her BFF

 photo 20160520_120208_zpsnjqtgaa3.jpg

Her turn to play some Human Foosball – they were more competitive than Kate’s class with this game.

 photo 20160520_120602_zpsc7xshams.jpg

 photo 20160520_120641_zps6jeyhepa.jpg

I loved her face in this picture!  She did not want to get wet. 🙂

 photo 20160520_122024_zpsptbfslcc.jpg

Badminton looked a lot more like tennis.

 photo 20160520_123426_zpsgenn8mas.jpg

Abigail’s class spent more time pouring water on themselves than into the PVC pipes.

 photo 20160520_130508_zps0wfnltlg.jpg

 photo 20160520_130512_zpsadelnyth.jpg

Love these kids

 photo 20160520_131833_zpsvsis04en.jpg

 photo 20160520_132526_zpsbdrfcfnx.jpg

Another competitive soccer game.

 photo 20160520_132942_zpser6u0yip.jpg

 photo 20160520_141250_zpsrc4a0awm.jpg

 photo 20160520_141155_zpsdyjryjnm.jpg

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 photo 20160520_135954_zpsekq5jgtf.jpg

 photo 20160520_135536_zps2gair2l6.jpg

Another awesome Field Day in the books!! Now are ready for summer to get here!!!

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