Friday Favorites – End of School Edition

Today is the first day of summer in our household!!! We have had a very busy week full of a lot of end of school activities.  Now that school is out we can start to have a very relaxed schedule and finally have time to just relax.

Here is a look at all of the fun we have had this week…

Talent Show

This year both girls participated in the school talent show.

Kate and her friend performed first. They did a dance routine to “It’s The Hard Knock Life” and did a great job!! We were so proud of both girls. They have worked so hard for the part three weeks and it really paid off.

 photo 20160601_094203_zpshyec7lp5.jpg

 photo 20160601_094240_zpsig3x1ckz.jpg

 photo 20160601_094603_zpsye5dfdtn.jpg

Up next was Abigail’s group. They did a routine to “Hound Dog”.  It was super cute!!! Again we were so proud of her and her friends and their hard work.

 photo 20160602_090006_zpsqwfq63ez.jpg

 photo 20160602_085919_zpspcyg1uwy.jpg

 photo 20160602_090519_zpsjz3dblhi.jpg

 photo 20160602_090450_zpsv1jiotjp.jpg

End of School Bash

The night before the last day of school our PTA holds a huge end of school bash for all of the kids.  The girls always have so much fun running around and playing with all of their friends.

 photo 20160601_180539_zps5s5ywe4h.jpg

 photo 20160601_180959_zpsogf2xu9k.jpg

 photo 20160601_181538_zpsw7i4u0fl.jpg

 photo 20160601_181710_zpsrzumwmua.jpg

 photo 20160601_181744_zpsi2etqspu.jpg

 photo 20160601_181814_zps7tij2m1i.jpg

 photo 20160601_193332_zpsxadax6ba.jpg

 photo 20160601_195815_zpsenr9nwom.jpg
 photo 20160601_195840_zps0inhd9er.jpg

Last Day of School Party

This year I was able to step away from work and go to the girls end of school parties.  I love spending time with the girls and their friends.

Kate’s class was the last class to get to play outside before the rain hit!  We are all so tired of the rain around here!!!

 photo 20160602_121435_zpsdef51ggv.jpg

 photo 20160602_123107_zpsg05hg167.jpg

 photo 20160602_122841_zpsynijuhuj.jpg

Best Teachers Ever

We have been very fortunate to have two wonderful teachers this year. We are going to miss them next year but we know they have prepared before girls for the next grade. However, due to some teacher changes at our school next year there is a good chance we could have them again!!!  Woohoo!!!!!

 photo 20160602_075245_zpsjjljyslu.jpg

 photo 20160602_120354_zpsftslfb7a.jpg

Mommy Happy Hour

Finally I ended our crazy week with a play date/ mommy happy hour.  These ladies are some of my closet friends in the neighborhood. Love these moms!!!

 photo IMG_20160602_201242_zps9o9apawz.jpg

Hope you have a wonderful Friday!!

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  1. Your girls are absolutely precious! I bet they are exhausted from such a fun week. And, wow, you guys have some amazing face painters at your school. Here in the Small Town, USA, our only options for face paintings are hearts and flowers. 😉

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