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Abigail’s Birthday Weekend

Friday I decided to take a few minutes for myself. I knew that our house would be crazy all day Saturday and Sunday so I enjoyed an hour or so of me time beside the pool. It was so peaceful!!!

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After I picked the girls up we headed to Red Lobster for Abigail’s birthday dinner (of course her choice).

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Saturday was all about Abigail’s birthday party.  One hour before her party was suppose to start it starting to pour rain. I had no Plan B so I started praying the rain would stop so that we could still have her party.  Thank goodness the rain passed and I had 30 minutes to get decorate the back porch.

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So thankful for all of her sweet friends that came to celebrate her birthday.

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We had an after party for a few of Abigail’s friends from school. The first thing the girls wanted to do was have a water balloon fight.

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Some of these girls have a powerful arm!!

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To top off the afternoon full of fun with friends we let Abigail invite a few girls to spend the night. (which quickly grew to 5 girls) photo IMG_20160611_210314_zpsy4x4kpu8.jpg

These girls went to sleep around 11 pm and were up dressed and ready to eat at 6 am!!!  So after breakfast they got back in their swimsuits for another swim before they went home.

 photo IMG_20160612_081047_zps4f8umpag.jpg

Needless to say everyone in our household took a nap Sunday afternoon. However our fun with friends continued last night with dinner with our small group from church. I love getting to spend time with church family.

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Have a great week!!

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8 thoughts on “Abigail’s Birthday Weekend

  1. What a busy weekend!!! Happy birthday to Abigail! So glad the rain passed quickly and you were able to get the decorations up before the party started. I know how rain can completely ruin an outside event, so frustrating! All of the decorations look so cute, you did a great job and I’m sure Abigail loved all of it!

  2. What a fun filled weekend! Hope Abigail had a great birthday, and hope you get to relax a little this week. Sleepovers can be brutal sometimes!

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