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Family vacations can be very stressful to plan no matter the age of your kids.  We didn’t go on our first real family vacation until our youngest was 2.  And since then we have done a family vacation every summer.  I always have BIG plans to be super organized and have activities planned out but that never happens.  However, I have an awesome husband that LOVES to plan trips.  So he does everything from booking hotels and flights, plans excursions, makes dinner reservations and plans other fun things to do while on vacation. My job is to make sure we have everything packed that we will need while we are gone.

We are taking a family vacation later this summer and here are few things that I will be packing in our bags…

Loved this for a Travel First Aid Kit.

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Since we are flying I thought it was be a great idea to take snacks for the girls.

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Before we ever book a hotel we do a lot of research.  My favorite place to get the honest truth is TripAdvisor.  I love that real people post actual pictures of the hotel rooms and grounds.  We have definitely changed our minds on resorts after seeing the pictures and comments from other people.

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We will be using these tips while we check off items on our Summer Bucket List...

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  1. I totally got into trip advisor just this year and actually have made sure to leave my two cents on our last two trips at all the places we stayed, ate, etc. This past year when we flew it made Carly so happy that we had packed a little blanket for her to use on the plane but the one thing we almost always forget is ear phones so be sure to add that to your list especially if you are flying on an airline with tv options. Thanks so much for linking with us!!

  2. I love Trip Advisor, too! It can be overwhelming at times when there are mixed reviews, but I try to remember that most people will leave a bad review, but rarely do people leave a good review. We expect to have a good experience, so we don’t rant and rave about it.
    The #1 thing I bring on an airplane is sanitizer! Ugh! I’m such a germophobe!

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