Summer In McKinney

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This summer marks 13 years living in McKinney and we have loved every day.  In 2014 McKinney was named “#1 Best Place to Live” and without a doubt it is one of the best places to raise a family.  I love summers in McKinney because there is a lot to keep us busy, and we kinda like busy.

Here are 10 things that we love about McKinney…

Ricks Chop House

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With every year that passes, we realize more and more that we love to have a nice dinner. Who doesn’t? One day we definitely go somewhere nice is on our anniversary. It is usually the one time a year that we splurge on just the two of us.  Rick’s is one of those restaurants that we love to visit and have a very nice dinner.

Here we are celebrating our 5th wedding anniversary…(we look so young!!!)



We tried Harvest several weeks ago and loved the farm to table food selections.  The best part of this restaurant is that their menu changes seasonally so there is always something new on the menu.  It’s also a plus that Harvest has a very relaxed and homey atmosphere.

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Sugarbacon is a great place to take out of town guests or go for a Girls Night Out.  They have some amazing cocktails that compliment their yummy food.

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This is their signature appetizer, the SugarBacon, of course.  My favorite thing to get for dinner is the grilled cheese. I know that that sounds pretty lame, but it is so good.  It’s made with mozzarella cheese and topped with a tomato and a pesto sauce.

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Harry’s At The Harbor

Harry's At The Harbor Restaurant | Adriatica | McKinney Texas

Harry’s is a fairly new restaurant in McKinney.  It’s located in this cute little development called Adriatica.  Since all the other restaurants I mentioned were typically date night places for us, I thought I would mention one that is perfect for a young family.  Harry’s has a great menu that has everything from pasta, fish tacos, Cajun food, and some great burgers.  One of the signature appetizers has a very interesting name…Blue’s Famous Rusty Nuts.  It is a combination of potato, bacon, finely diced jalapeno, diced onions, Jack & cheddar cheese, rolled in seasoned breadcrumbs and fried till golden brown. Strange name but really good.

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Our favorite place to eat breakfast and lunch in downtown McKinney is Snug.  When we we have breakfast at Snug I love their “World’s Best Oatmeal – Simply Oatmeal with Fresh Blueberries”.  However,  for lunch, their menu is just as good.  They have one of the most amazing sandwiches – Turkey Almond Jack Melt – my mouth is watering just thinking about it.

Landon Winery

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Landon’s is a local winery and has some amazing wines.  I love to head to downtown McKinney with my girlfriends and enjoy glass of wine here.  Since they are locally owned and sourced, they have some very unique wines that you can only find at Landon’s.  If you’re lucky, some of our specialty grocery stores carry a few too.  Two of my favorites are The Texas and The Yellow Rose.

Emporium Pies

One word can describe the pies from Emporium Pies – AMAZING!!!  Danny’s favorite pie is a Coconut Cream pie so last year I bought him the Snowball pie and it was worth every penny.  You can’t go wrong with any pie from here but if I had to pick another favorite it would be Mellow Yellow (lemon chiffon pie w/ crumbly ginger snap crust). Doesn’t that just sound divine!

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Fourth of July parade

Fourth of July is one of my favorite holidays.  We always kick off the day with the parade in downtown McKinney.  It’s always crazy hot, so we try to get down there early enough to find the perfect spot in the shade.  We always meet up with several of our close friends and the kids have a blast waving at all the cars as they go by.

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Fourth of July Fireworks

After the parade we get ready for our Fourth of July party that we host every year.  We typically have around 5 to 8 families come over for dinner and swimming.  Once it gets closer to dark, we take the party on the road and head over to the best spot to watch fireworks in McKinney.  We always go to a spot were the kids can run around and play until the firework show starts.

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Beach Club

We probably swim almost every day in our pool at home, but there are some days that we like to go up to our neighborhood pool aka Stonebridge Beach Club.  The girls always love seeing their friends during the summer break and every time we go up there it’s like a party just for the girls. I am totally okay watching them swim from the beach chair because I am not a fan of having sand in places that sand should not be.

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There are so many more things that I could list about McKinney but these are just a few of our favorite things to do.  I am starving now and dying to go to one of our favorite restaurants!

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  1. I love everything about this post! I haven’t heard of Harry’s, but am definitely going to check it out. Adriatica is beautiful. We LOVE Rick’s & Landon, too. McKinney has the best downtown!

    1. Adriatica is literally 5 minutes or less from our house. We love all the new restaurants they have opened recently. Let me know when you want to try Harry’s because we would be happy to meet you guys there.

  2. So many great places to eat and have family time. Love the thought of being near a local winery. That’s where I’d be visiting. I hope to see you back on Thursdays for Party at My Place. Love your little town.

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