Summer Vacation – Day 1

We have been planning our trip to California for about 2 months. The girls had no clue we were going on a summer vacation until we woke them up at 4:30 am Wednesday morning.  The girls were not happy that we woke them up but once we broke the news to them we were boarding a plane and going to California they were excited.  I have never been to CA so I was so excited to see all the sights too!!!

 photo 20160622_053209_zpsjahnm3is.jpg

Waiting on our ride to the terminal

 photo 20160622_063016_zpsfommektf.jpg

We are all ready to board the plane!!!  California here we come.

We finally arrived at our first stop on this family vacation – beautiful SAN DIEGO!!!

 photo IMG_20160622_110408_zpsxnwon3wp.jpg

After we dropped off our luggage at our hotel we headed to Coronado Beach. We all walked up to the water and decided it was way too cold. The water temps for San Diego average around 71 and I have no desire to get into that water with a swimsuit on.

 photo 20160622_113659_zpsg1c49gsu.jpg

So we sat down and played in the sand.

 photo 20160622_110933_zpsk4pglwdo.jpg

We built some sandcastles and wrote our names in the sand.

(finally checked off another item on our Summer Bucket List)

 photo 20160622_113154_zpsftsnu0nn.jpg

The girls had a lot of fun hanging out at the beach.

 photo 20160622_115348_zpszrxjrpxs.jpg

Abigail had so much fun she needed a little nap on our way back to the hotel.

 photo 20160622_124556_zpsgxcrcstm.jpg

We hung out in the hotel for a couple of hours and then decided to go to the USS Midway (which was right beside our hotel!!!)

 photo 20160622_144739_zpsrbrr3heh.jpg

 photo 20160622_151733_zps6kmp03no.jpg

 photo 20160622_155151_zpsu4xpn5ho.jpg

 photo 20160622_155906_zpsfduno1c4.jpg

 photo 20160622_160553_zpslzmidiqy.jpg

This plane is similar to the plane in Top Gun so Abigail is giving me her best Top Gun face. (she makes me smile)

 photo 20160622_161211_zpsbupggsux.jpg

Since we are not your typical “go and sit while on vacation” people we loaded back into the car and headed up the coast to La Jolla for dinner.  We of course had to stop at the famous La Jolla Cove and see all of the seals and sea lions.

We were shocked how close we could get to them!!!

 photo 20160622_175853_zpsjyzohpji.jpg

 photo 20160622_180520_zpsrcyxmqj9.jpg

 photo IMG_20160622_175254_zpsrfpzubak.jpg

We enjoyed a wonderful seafood dinner at World Famous and got to enjoy this beautiful view.

 photo 20160622_191055_zpslwstqw8m.jpg

 photo 20160622_212835_zps3jjw3dm6.jpg

Goodnight San Diego…USS Midway from our hotel.

Wow that was a full first day in San Diego!! We had a blast seeing all the sights but we were all in bed by 9:30pm!! We all needed some rest because up next was a trip to the famous San Diego Zoo.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!!



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  1. I love the pics of the sea lions! So cute! I haven’t been to California since I was a teenager, but I remember being exhausted by the end of the day. Those time zones are a doozy! I can’t wait to read more about your trip.

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