Summer Vacation – Day 2

Day 2 of any trip always marks the first day of a bad night’s sleep. Anyone else? Luckily, the sleep improves as the trip goes along, which is exactly the opposite of the relationship status between siblings on an extended journey. In related news, the second day typically marks the first time you wonder if you spent your money wisely or if the kids could argue and swim in the pool at a hotel down the street from your house.

All packed are ready for our next stop…

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When I think of San Diego I don’t think about the beaches I think about the famous zoo.  The San Diego Zoo is almost 100 acres, has over 3700 animals and was built in 1915.  It is one of the most beautiful zoos I have ever seen.

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The first thing we did at the zoo was an open air bus ride to see all the different animal exhibits and map out our path for the day. Danny and I love to start any trip this way to get a perspective on the city.

 photo IMG_20160623_092704_zps736oeljp.jpg

 photo 20160623_095943_zps5b3kbhsf.jpg

The little giraffe sitting on the ground was born in December – so cute!

 photo 20160623_095109_zpspsifyttc.jpg

After the bus ride it was time to see all the animals.

 photo 20160623_105824_zpsr9rnceei.jpg

This guy was talking to the Bonobo.  It was really cool to see how he was interacting with him and would respond to everything the guy would say. Apparently he is here often and has developed a relationship with this primate. If you stuck around long enough, you were able to understand that and appreciate it. If you walked up for 10 seconds and left, it was probably because you wanted to alert zoo security to the crazy guy kissing the glass.

 photo 20160623_110409_001_zpswtmhdfvz.jpg

Lunch time for the tiger

 photo 20160623_111032_zpspbk9mrrf.jpg

The hippos were really cool to see up close. It was strange the way everyone was acting around them though. Lots of mentions of their cuteness and how squeezable they are. As we walked off we verified with the zookeeper that these cute, squeezable animals are responsible for more human deaths in Africa than any other animal. But to be fair, I did kind of want to squeeze it.

 photo 20160623_114223_zpsbaz8tf0z.jpg

We waited almost 30 minutes to see the Giant Panda.  It was totally worth the wait!

 photo 20160623_1305560_zps9vjbu9vk.jpg

We don’t normally pay the crazy price for professional pictures from places but we thought it was a great idea to do it at the zoo because it was so convenient and the photographers were all over the place.  Here are a few of our pictures from the day…

 photo SZ_BUS_062316_091628069_01_zpsczclqxoz.jpg

 photo SZ_FGI_062316_135517972_01_zpsy2q3kc8k.jpg

 photo SZ_FGI_062316_142756287_01_zpsnpc7reqw.jpg

 photo SZ_GIR_062316_134317891_01_zpsviyrmcrg.jpg

 photo SZ_GIR_062316_134337830_01_zpsldafonjc.jpg

 photo SZ_PAN_062316_112540333_01_zpsgmjrkgdm.jpgThe panda in the lower left isn’t real. He does look like he could really use some water though.

Summer Vacation Day 1

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  1. This looks so fun! We love visiting different zoos when we go on vacation. And the San Diego Zoo is definitely one of our list of must-sees. And I think that is so cool that that guy has a relationship with Bonobo – how neat! Thanks for linking up with us for Tuesday Talk – and congrats on being the most viewed this week! I’m looking forward to seeing what you link up tomorrow! -Jessica, Sweet Little Ones

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