Summer Vacation – Day 4

We flew in and out of San Diego, so we spent our last full day driving through Los Angeles and down the coast back toward San Diego.

Loved seeing the LA skyline as we drove in…
 photo 20160626_191435_zps7nuxu2w0.jpg

Our first stop was Hollywood Blvd

 photo 20160625_101436_zpskw1k4sdi.jpg

 photo 20160625_101909_zpsldoliluq.jpg

Checking to see which celebrity’s hands were the same size as ours…

 photo 20160625_102046_zpsyphtlzoe.jpg

 photo 20160625_102129_zpsvzuo2aol.jpg

 photo 20160625_102619_zpsglyo9dbm.jpg

 photo 20160625_102938_zpsjo3ng8rj.jpg

 photo 20160625_103020_zpst5nutjw0.jpg

 photo 20160625_103135_zpsu0u6ylqj.jpg

Kate asked to take her picture by Scarlett’s star…

 photo 20160625_110220_zpsagm1zagq.jpg

I call Abigail “munchkin” so this star was perfect…

 photo 20160625_110457_zpsaf8iaijj.jpg

We left Hollywood and headed to Beverly Hills.

 photo 20160625_120017_zps9kadhfqk.jpg

 photo 20160625_120523_010_zpsare41iz0.jpg

of course we had to drive down Rodeo Dr.

 photo 20160625_120806_zpsnzqqukcs.jpg

 photo 20160625_120815_011_zpsfhqnoovr.jpg

 photo 20160625_121104_zpswz3qher9.jpg

Last stop in the LA area was Santa Monica Beach

 photo 20160625_133729_zps6gdx8vra.jpg

 photo IMG_20160625_134324_zpsrwidcmdh.jpg

We decided to make one last beach stop.  So I have to confess we loved the MTV shows Laguna Beach and The Hills, so of course the beach we stopped at had to be in Laguna Beach. We stopped at a little cove and not crowded – PERFECT.  Again, the waves were huge and undertow was really bad so the lifeguards wouldn’t let people go past a certain point in the water.  However, the girls still had fun playing in the COLD water.

 photo 20160625_170652_zpsxlnnbmp6.jpg

 photo 20160625_172933_zpsndaaecc0.jpg
 photo 20160625_172247_zpsytu86dz2.jpg

We finally made it back to San Diego!  We walked around the Gaslamp Quarter before dinner.  I LOVE SAN DIEGO!!

 photo 20160625_202008_zps52lwqxga.jpg

Back at the airport ready to go home…

 photo 20160626_100256_zps549xuvix.jpg

 photo IMG_20160626_100941_zps9spm3squ.jpg

My thoughts on California…

I was not super impressed with LA.  I had always wanted to go and see all the sights but it was not how I had it pictured in my head.  It was way too crowded and dirty looking. I LOVED San Diego, Coronado and La Jolla though.  I would totally go back there and spend several days.  I would also like to go to San Francisco and the wine country in the near future.

While we were gone, our renewed passports came in the mail. Just in time for our next vacation! 🙂


 photo 20160626_173029_zpsdphesfg4.jpg




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  1. I loved Laguna Beach (the show), too! Mark & I really want to go to Napa Valley or Northern Washington to visit vineyards in the future, too! I’m glad you guys had a fun trip. Can’t wait to hear about your next.

    • It was very cool to see it all in person. My oldest said “is this the Beverly Hills that is on that movie Beverly Hills Chihuhua” LOL!! They were just as excited as me to see all the famous sites.

  2. OH wow! What a fantastic vacation! I am going to go back and read the other days and I can’t wait to see Cabo pictures. 🙂 gwingal

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