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Today I am linking up with Michelle @ Grammie Time to talk about two fun topics…

books and wine!

I would love to be that kind of person that reads one or more books a week but, let’s be honest, I have no time for that!!!  I have ADD when it comes to reading – I start reading one book and then switch to another book then come back to the original one – – haha!!  However, the past few weeks I have devoted any free time I have to reading two books by Jojo Moyes.

Currently I am reading “After You”.  I am halfway through the book and love it so far.  I go to the gym about three to four times a week so I read for 45 minutes while I am working out on the elliptical and I can’t wait to see how it ends.

After You

I finished “Me Before You” last week and I LOVED IT!!!  I still have not seen the movie but hope to see it soon.

Me Before You

Two other books on my kindle (besides all of my kid’s games and digital books) are “For the Love” and “The Zookeeper’s Wife”.   These are two completely different books but I am halfway through both of them and when I have nothing else to read I come back to them and read a couple of chapters.

For the Love: Fighting for Grace in a World of Impossible Standards

I love Jen Hatmaker’s books and this book makes me cry and laugh.  It is definitely a must read for every woman!

The Zookeeper’s Wife: A War Story

I like historical event books and this non-fiction book is all about a zookeeper’s family in Poland during World War II.  It is a really good book but in some places it is really slow, hence the reason why I can only read so much of it at one time before I move on to another book.

Moving on to Wines!!

I was thinking about when I started to drink wine and I guess it was while I was in college.  I started with the sweetest wine I could find – White Zinfandel. I can’t even remember the last time I had a glass of White Zinfandel – it is way too sweet for me now!! I will occasionally have a glass of a Riesling or Moscato wine but I am definitely a red wine girl.  When we finally get a chance to relax and watch TV I would rather have a glass of a Cabernet Sauvignon than a bowl of ice cream.  Here are are couple of my favorites red wines…

14 Hands – Hot to Trot

I love our local winery – Landon Wines – Tempranillo 2014

Tempranillo Reserve Black Front of Bottle

Another favorite is a good Malbec wine

Alamos Malbec is one if have recently tried.

Ok, now go drink some wine, read some books and I hope everyone has a wonderful day!!


10 thoughts on “Book Wino

  1. Love, love your post. Jojo is one of my favorite authors and I’ve read both of these books. Have not seen the movie yet. Almost reluctant to because well, we all know how Hollywood can ruin a good book. Your wine reviews – excellent and noting these next time I go shopping for my wine selection. I’m so happy you participated this week. Great post.

    1. Thanks!! I had a lot of fun writing this post (I love having a weekly topic). I totally agree about being reluctant to see the Me Before You movie because I don’t think it will live up to the book. Hope you have a great day.

  2. I love a good glass of red wine. I have tried Alamos Malbec and the 14 Hands (both are so good). And I had to laugh about the White Zinfandel, I started drinking wine in college and my first memories are with Arbor Mist. 🙂 Have a great day.

  3. I wish I read more, but let’s skip to something I know…wine! 14 Hands is definitely one of my favorites! Yum! I also love Landon Merlot, I’m usually more of a cab girl. I’m not sure I’ve had their Tempranillo, but I’ll definitely try it next time I’m there. I started drinking wine with a white zin, too, but there’s no way I could drink that now. I would much rather have wine than dessert, too! I didn’t link up this week, but I’ll give you three of my faves to try, if you haven’t already: Red Diamond Cabernet, Granite Coast Red Blend (@ Trader Joe’s) & Bogle Cabernet. Yum!! Hope you’re having a great day!

  4. I can remember EXACTLY the last time I had white zin…I was in Dallas for NYE in 1999 and I had WAY too much fun. Never again! I love Alamos..one of our go to wines for sure. For the Love…I could not put it down. Looks like we have similar taste in wine and books….too bad we aren’t closer we could go see the movie together!!

    1. I think it so funny that so many people have the same response to white zin!! I really want to see the movie but I am afraid it will not live up to the book (like most movies made from popular books).

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