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Friday night we enjoyed one more kid free week date night.  We always miss our girls when they are gone but it is so nice to have some time to just hang out together and not worry about what time we have to be home because we have a babysitter.

We did what all couples love to do on a date night — dinner at Olive Garden and then shopping at Best Buy!!! HAHA!!!  We are so exciting.

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Saturday morning we drove down to Waco to pick up our girls!!  So glad to have these two home!

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They were exhausted from their week and were passed out shortly after we got on the road.

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Abigail’s top tooth has been loose for the past month and when we picked her up it was barely hanging on.  When we got home we finally were able to pull it out.  So now all she wants for Christmas are her two front teeth.

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I dread back to school clothes shopping every year but Sunday after church we headed to Kohls to get some of the shopping done.  The girls sat down for a second and I snapped this picture because it totally explains how we all felt – exhausted!

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We ended our busy Sunday with a stop at Dairy Queen!!

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Yesterday on my way home from work Danny called and said the girls wanted to go on individual dates with each of us this week.  So Danny and Abigail went to the mall for their date night.  She wanted to go to build a bear and eat dinner at the food court.  They had a great time and he even surprised Kate with a new build a bear.  – Great Dad!!!

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Kate picked dinner at Mi Cocina and shopping at Charming Charlies.  She is definitely my child because those are two of my favorite places.  Thursday night we will switch and I will talk Abigail on a special date (no clue where she wants to go) and Danny and Kate are going to Red Lobster.  I am so glad we are having some great one on one time with the girls this week because in two weeks we will be in school mode.

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Have a great Tuesday!!

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  1. I love the picture of them exhausted at Kohls! Too cute! I took Jess back to school shopping and told him we could have a special lunch anywhere he wanted to go, and he picked the mall food court, too!! He loves Bourbon Chicken! Ha!!

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