School Day Memories

When I saw Shelly’s topic – “School Day Memories and What would you tell your younger self” I was excited to dig through all of my old pictures and find some great ones to share.

I grew up in a small West Texas town – Snyder, TX.  My parents had me involved in almost every sport and I was always involved in church activities.  We would go to church every time the doors were opened.  I had a great childhood and looking back I would not change anything.

Here is my first school picture – Kindergarten (1984-1985).  This is my all time favorite picture.

 photo K grade_zpspuohs5a8.jpg

My 2nd grade picture is a classic picture.  I had a super awesome reversible collar and during lunch I spilled something on the side I was suppose to wear for my pictures.  The photographer reversed it and put it back on crooked.  So now my pictures looked like horrible Christmas pictures, and then there’s my hair!!! What was my mom thinking!  This is why I will not cut my girls hair above their shoulders.  I have a fear of them having this horrible haircut.

 photo 2nd grade_zpstdu2ezve.jpg

I also loved my 5th grade picture – so sweet and innocent.
 photo 5th grade_zpsitjf4ejm.jpg

During my elementary years I played soccer, basketball, softball, and was a cheerleader.  Once I got to middle school I played basketball for one season and then decided sports was not my thing.  Here is my a basketball picture from when I was in 6th grade.  Again why were those bangs ever in style!?   Way too much hairspray!

 photo 6th grade basketball_zps0uh4e8um.jpg

Most of my favorite memories come from some kind of church activity.  I was involved in GAs, Praise Group, and then our youth group (7th – 12th).

I loved going to GA camp every summer.

 photo girl scout camp_zpszfz1lyic.jpg

and then in the Youth program we went to a church camp in Oklahoma every summer (Falls Creek).  Youth camp should have been about learning about God but I was too worried about all the cute boys at camp!

 photo church camp_zpsuyuefgpe.jpg

 photo church camp 2_zpsxckwv23w.jpg

We also took a ski trip every Spring Break.  LOTS of great memories made during that week!

 photo ski trip_zpspboluyml.jpg

Since I decided that I didn’t want to play any more sports I choose to be an Athletic Trainer in high school.  I was a trainer for all of the sports and I loved it!  This was something I was really good at and during high school I wanted to go to college and major in Sport’s Medicine.  If I had to pick one regret it would be not entering the Athletic Training program at Texas A&M.  But of course if I would have done that who knows where I would be today.  I would probably still be married to Danny though because my friend/roommate that introduced us was an athletic trainer so we would have still meet through her.

 photo training HS_zpsfifexg67.jpg

I just had to share the classic cheesy Senior picture pose…

 photo senior_zpslqpj9rc9.jpg

In junior high and high school I had a close group of girlfriends.  We all went to church together and always ate lunch together everyday.   We all live about 4 hours from each other but I know that these girls would be always be there for me.

Homecoming would not be complete without an awesome homecoming mum.

 photo homecoming_zpsc97gt4pg.jpg

Then of course we needed to do a Mary Kay makeover (Mary Kay was really big while i was in high school)

 photo BF high school_zpssyuhaftt.jpg

Cara and Julie were both bridesmaids in my wedding (and I was in their weddings too)

 photo BF wedding_zpsxnrtroks.jpg

and then 5 years later we were all pregnant with our first babies.

I hope you enjoyed my walk down memory lane.

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11 thoughts on “School Day Memories

  1. Love your reversible collar story but honestly elementary school pictures need to be taken FIRST thing, waiting until after lunch is ridiculous!

  2. What a fun walk down memory lane! My favorite is the basketball picture taken outside instead of the gym! 🙂 I also love that you had babies with some of your besties – I love raising babies with my friends! Thanks for linking with us today!

  3. Such a sweet little walk down memory lane! I am seriously going to have to ask my mom because I have some memory of Snyder, Texas. My daddy was a pipeline welder and I suspect maybe we visited him while he was working near there possibly. I was totally already in high school when you were starting elementary….I feel totally ancient! 🙂 Thanks so much for linking with us! Would love, love to meet up with you and Emily for a girls weekend some day and meet in person!!

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