End Of Summer Bash!!

This past weekend we hosted our Annual End of Summer Bash.  The girls each invited 5 of their friends over for dinner and swimming.  We started this tradition the summer before Kate’s 1st grade year. The girls always look forward to seeing their friends right before school starts.

The crew for the this year’s party…

 photo IMG_20160813_192348_zps31hinwtv.jpg

love these soon to be 2nd graders!!

 photo edited_20160813_185213_zpsol05xash.jpg

And then we have an awesome group of 3rd graders!

 photo edited_1471134360770_zpsfajhnfzy.jpg

The girls had a blast swimming for 2 hours.

 photo 20160813_183335_zpsmcolmjp2.jpg

and then we had a 2nd vs 3rd grade water balloon fight.

 photo 20160813_185852_zpsk239gobj.jpg

 photo 20160813_185858_zpsdcd5bhs1.jpg

They wanted a picture of them jumping into the pool…

 photo PhotoGrid_1471282286667_zps7mvmll6c.jpg

The party was a huge success and now the girls are ready to start school next week.

Here is look back at Kate’s friends for the past 3 years…

 photo PhotoGrid_1471282339779_zpscymnp46x.jpg

Thoughts for Thursday


3 thoughts on “End Of Summer Bash!!

  1. tractorsandglam says:

    Hi Jessica, I love this idea! I bet this gets the kiddos all excited for school and to see their friends on the regular again! Have a great weekend!


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