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Since school started 3 weeks ago we have been going non-stop! With sports, Church, PTA board, working full time, being a mom and a wife, and the crazy notion of trying to have a life, I feel like I am being pulled in every direction at one time. Danny told me maybe it’s time to let something go, but I am a major control freak so that thought scares me!  Since my blogging has slacked over the past few weeks I thought I would share some random pictures of our life.

We have several play dates with friends…

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Enjoyed some yummy food in downtown McKinney at our favorite breakfast spot –

Snug on The Square.

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This past weekend we took Danny’s jeep everywhere because it was perfect “Jeep Weather”.

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We spent our Labor Day holiday shopping for furniture. We are in the process of trying to update the furniture in our living room and maybe our dining room.  Furniture shopping is so overwhelming and stressful!  We are having a hard time finding exactly what we want for those spaces and also finding the perfect color.

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Abigail’s 1st grade teacher asked all the kids to write her a letter over the summer about everything they were doing.  We finished Abigail’s in early August.  The teacher then wrote each student a letter in return.  Abigail got her letter this week and she was so excited!!

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Finally Danny has joined a Men’s Softball league for the Fall (because we needed one more thing to do – LOL!!!).  The girls and I went to cheer for him and the other guys this week.  Let’s just say the girls do not understand baseball/softball rules.  It was funny having to explain to them that you want the guy to catch the ball in the air, among other rules for the game.

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Happy Thursday!!

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  1. Yay! I’m glad you’re back in the blogging world! I just had a conversation with my husband a few days ago that I need to let something go, too, but I don’t know what. I really love everything I’m doing, I just need a few more days in the week to balance it out.
    I remember Kendall was the same way about baseball when we took her to her first Ranger game. She asked when halftime was! Ha! I can’t really say much though, I’m like that with football!
    Hope you have a fabulous weekend!!

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