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Friday Favorites

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I am so glad that we finally made it to Friday!  I am still exhausted even though we have had a short school and work week.  This weekend is full of soccer games, date nights, and birthday parties!  But first here are my Top Five for this week…

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Last year I was devoted to Camp Gladiator for 6 months and then I decided to take a break and go back to the gym.  However, after doing 21 Day Fix workouts and gym workouts I have decided that I need more accountability.  So this morning I woke up early and headed to my first Camp Gladiator workout.  I have mentally prepared myself that I will not be able to sit on the toilet today or tomorrow since it has been at least a year since I worked out with these girls (and some guys). I am going to be SO SORE but it will be all worth it in the long run!!

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It has been several years since we have gone furniture shopping and after this past weekend I realized why it has been so long!  We spent our Labor Day holiday shopping for furniture. We are in the process of trying to update the furniture in our living room and maybe our dining room.  Furniture shopping is so overwhelming and stressful!  We are having a hard time finding exactly what we want for those spaces and also finding the perfect color.  Since we did not find what we were looking for we are headed to a few more places this weekend!

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We get to have a date night tonight because of the wonderful FBC McKinney Children’s Ministry.  They want to invest in the marriages of families in our church by offering an evening of childcare three times this Fall!!  We have decided to meet five other couples for drinks in downtown McKinney and then head over to one of the pizza restaurants from a yummy dinner.

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When I was pregnant with our oldest daughter (9 years ago) our church offered a Woman to Woman Mentor Program.  I was a young married woman and I loved having a woman that was probably 10 to 15 years old than me come along side of me for about 6 months and pray with me and give some guidance.  I have waited patiently for our church to offer this program again but it was really not on anyone’s radar.  So I went to a few women that are on staff at our church and after several meetings and a lot of planning our new mentor program kicks off this Sunday.  The CONNECT program is a network of relationships among women of all ages where women can learn, share, grow and guide each other through the many seasons of life.  I have been praying for this program for months and I cannot wait to see how God will work in all of the women’s lives.

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This month Bailey Jean is hosting a blog-tember challenge. Everyday she has a different topic to blog about and today’s topic is —

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be? Why?

Monte Carlo, Monaco

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Danny loves Formula 1 racing.  Over the past few years I have enjoyed spending Sunday afternoons with him while we watch the race.  I say all that to say that the one place I would love to go is Monto Carlo, Monaco for the race that is held there every Spring.

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Monte Carlo looks so glamorous.  I would love to go see the race and stay to see all the beautiful sites, such as the Monte Carlo Casino and Opera House.

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9 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. Enjoy Date night!!
    I am currently doing the “Country Heat” program…from 21 day fix:) I LOOK crazy but I pour sweat! 🙂
    A few years ago my hubby and I went to Paris and then to Monto Carlo! We were there a couple of weeks before the race but they were already setting up for it! We asked our cab drive to drive us a full lap around the course! It was awesome!! I couldn’t get over the types of cars there!

  2. I totally hear you on furniture shopping! Hence why none of my furniture has been updated in years. I tell myself that we might as well wait until the kids are older and have stopped spilling drinks everywhere but in reality it’s probably more due to me not being able to cope with the shopping aspect of it!

  3. I hear ya on about leg day! We’ve had a tough few days working legs, too, and I fell like I have jello legs!
    The Connect Program your church offers sounds like a great idea. One of the reasons I love my weekly Bible Study so much is because of the bonds I have made with women older than me. I am so thankful for their insight!
    Hope you guys have a fantastic weekend!! Date night sounds fabulous…Mellow Mushroom or Cadillac?

  4. Furniture shopping can be so fun, but it’s also such a big job. It’s a big investment, so it can be a bit intimidating to me. I hope you guys find exactly what you’re looking for. And I would go to Rome if I could pick anywhere. 🙂 Have a great weekend.

  5. What a wonderful mentor program at your church! I think it is so valuable to have insight from women of all ages. Younger women can give us a fresh, energetic approach, and older women offer so much wisdom! I have been to Monaco and the south of France…great choice. The things I liked best were the bright blue sea and the food that had lots of Italian influence. Have a wonderful weekend!

  6. I love the sound of the Connect ministry! Some of the richest times of spiritual growth in my life have come under the guidance of the sweet woman who discipled me in high school and college. Where did you check out living room furniture? I’m in the North Texas area too and we’re about to move and so I’m stalking everyone’s sectional selection haha! XO

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