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State Fair of Texas 2016

A few weeks ago I signed up for a fun blogger exchange…Mug Love Exchange. I was so excited that I was paired up with one of my favorite bloggers – Lindsay @ Lindsay’s Sweet World

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She sent me a super cute coffee mug with my initial on it.  Also within my package was a pair of Fall dish towels that go perfectly with all of my Fall decor. So sweet!!! (Thank you so much Lindsay!!)   You can hop over to Lindsay’s blog to see the mug she received from me.

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Now on to my recap of our trip to the State Fair of Texas.

The girls were so excited that we were going to the State Fair this year because we were unable to go last year.

We of course needed to have a family picture in front of Big Tex.

 photo IMG_20161009_110249_zpsybffruiu.jpg

The girls always love seeing all the cars. When I leave the State Fair I always want to go buy a new car!!  We checked out an amazing minivan that had reclining seats with a foot rest!! However I don’t think I could ever switch to a minivan because I love driving my Tahoe.

 photo 20161009_101204_zpsjzhedohm.jpg

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Our next stop was the Taylor Swift Experience.  The girls LOVE Taylor Swift and loved seeing all of her beautiful dresses up close and personal.

 photo IMG_20161009_104430_zpsqjclzhn2.jpg

Since we got to the fair so early we take advantage of the short ferris wheel line.  Abigail was not a fan of the ferris wheel.  I think she cried for most of the ride.  She acts like she is all tough but she is terrified of heights and all things that go fast.

 photo 20161009_112049_zps9cx6vbts.jpg

 photo 20161009_112037_zps9ol5pqgf.jpg

What an amazing view of downtown Dallas from the top of the ferris wheel.

 photo 43346_zps4gru9wlb.jpeg

If you look really close at this picture you can tell Abigail has been crying. So sad! I will never make her ride the ferris wheel again.

 photo 43340_zpseziexeja.jpeg

The girls continued to have fun in the midway…

 photo 20161009_120944_zpsygun6qw8.jpg

 photo 20161009_114545_zpsej7dkzdz.jpg

Danny and I enjoyed watching the girls have fun.

 photo 20161009_114935_zpsqkygxdba.jpg

Our favorite exhibit at the fair is the petting zoo.  They always have a lot of random animals.  The girls love seeing the animals, petting them, and feeding them.

 photo PhotoGrid_1476044708453_zpsdysougqt.jpg

 photo 20161009_131416_zpsrslem5sz.jpg

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We had some extra time so we went to see the Lone Star Stampede.  This was an amazing 30 minute show.

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Shelly – we enjoyed a corn-dog just for you! 🙂

 photo 20161009_123429_zpsy2sy9ze2.jpg

Now that the girls are getting older they enjoy more of the exhibits and are tall enough to ride the fun rides.  I think this picture proves that they had a blast at the fair this year…

 photo 20161009_150949_zpsjtalv3pv.jpg

I hope that everyone has a wonderful Monday!!

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9 thoughts on “State Fair of Texas 2016

  1. I FINALLY figured out how to comment on your blog!! For the longest time I thought I had to have a WordPress account, but I just noticed I can comment with Twitter! Yay!! I’m so glad that you love your mug. Thank you so much again for mine! I love all of your pictures from this weekend! The view from the ferris wheel was just incredible!

    1. YEA!! I am so glad that you were finally able to comment. I am still trying to figure out WordPress. Sometimes I think about switching back to blogger. I am so glad you liked your mugs. Hope you have a wonderful day!

  2. Wow that fair looks so fun! My daughter would adore that a Taylor Swift set up. And wow what a view from the Ferris wheel! This post gets me excited for our state fair next weekend! Of course it’s not as big as Texas’s lol!

  3. I love your mug & I’m a huge Lindsay fan, too!! Can you believe in allof the years I have been to the State Fair (probably 20+) I have never ridden the Ferris Wheel. My parents always said, “Six Flags is for rides, not the fair!” So, I guess I passed that along to my own family. That view was great though, I may have to ride it just once!!

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