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Lots of Treats no Tricks

Friday night we teamed up with three other families for the Trunk or Treat at our church.  We did a joint theme that was all about sports.

 photo IMG_20161028_195259_zps8l6qqhqb.jpg

All four trunks…

 photo 20161028_174124_zps2nqduexe.jpg

Dallas Stars

 photo IMG_4838_zpsfqjmgk7u.jpg

Dallas Mavericks

 photo 20161028_174110_zpsev0toxsa.jpg

Dallas Cowboys

  photo IMG_4839_zpseeup5lun.jpg

Texas Rangers

 photo IMG_4841_zpsjyscgxxb.jpg

 photo IMG_4840_zpspp81xvqf.jpg

All four of our trunks were busy the entire night!!  I think we gave out four huge bags of candy at our trunk.

There were so many families!!!

 photo 20161028_181515_zpsvu8uovmd.jpg

 photo 20161028_181510_zpsphfwllxx.jpg

Sweet girls that were awesome helpers.

 photo 20161028_175047_zpsgahnk29l.jpg

We ended the night with Abigail losing her tooth somewhere in the parking lot at church.  So she wrote a letter to the tooth fairy…

 photo IMG_20161028_213851_zpsgh1bfcny.jpg

Saturday night we hosted a Pumpkin Carving Party.  I have always wanted to host a party like this but we have never had time.  So this year I made sure we had it on our calendar.

 photo 20161031_141641_zpsscl5sv41.png

We had a lot of food and drinks ready for everyone…

 photo 20161029_180128_zpsq4mrpkfs.jpg

 photo IMG_20161029_193046_zpspo2ksihx.jpg

We had six families come over and here are their pumpkins. We even did a Facebook contest to see who had the best pumpkin and the winner was #7 (the winner got a $25 gift card to a local restaurant)

 photo PhotoGrid_1477788967107_zpsqx66utal.jpg

 photo PhotoGrid_1477789470641_zps1icxvz2z.jpg

 photo PhotoGrid_1477790876273_zpswshxuebd.jpg

 photo 20161029_192241_zpsvf5p2khj.jpg

 photo 20161029_193655_zpsibz4q8st.jpg

We had so much fun and I will for sure host a pumpkin carving party again next year!!!

Hope everyone has a wonderful Halloween!!

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  1. What a fun weekend! I was just telling my husband that I’ve never participated in a Trunk or Treat, but have always wanted to!!
    I love the carving party idea, too! I may have to remember that one for next year!!

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