What’s Up Wednesday


What we are eating this week…

 photo 20161123_072303_zpsbjzptsyv.png

A lot of take out!!! I did not want to go shopping before we head out for Thanksgiving so this mama’s kitchen  has been closed this week.  I am looking forward to eating some good Thanksgiving food tomorrow.

What I am reminiscing about…

Past Christmases...Check this post out to see the past 9 family Christmases 

What I am loving…

 photo Screenshot_20161123-072217_zpsh1998haf.jpg

What we’ve been up to…

Cleaning house after our fun weekend with our DNOW girls…
 photo 20161119_100035_zpsffvpr9wn.jpg

 photo 20161119_125038_zpshsvre1ec.jpg

 photo 20161119_095711_zpsdyoqnapd.jpg

 photo 20161119_162912_zpsh3ncgjql.jpg

What I am dreading…

I loving sending and receiving Christmas cards but I dread addressing 150 Christmas cards every year.  I have done labels in the past but I love the way it looks when they are handwritten.

 photo IMG_20151213_130755_zpswdgwtgzj.jpg

What I am working on…
Christmas decorating

 photo 20161113_194322_zpsaqizvcso.jpg

What I am excited about…

Danny and I just our trip to NYC for January. He has been spending so much time in New Jersey the past two months so we thought it would be fun to have a weekend away in the big city!!!

What I am watching…

 photo 20161123_072322_zpscdvibgyr.png

What I’m listening to…

Christmas Music!!!!

 photo Screenshot_20161123-072759_zpsjvdu89az.png

What I’m wearing…

I have been loving my newest Stitch Fix Box.

All of the items go so well together!

 photo IMG_5016_zpsni72zw8p.jpg

If you would like to try out Stitch Fix CLICK HERE

What I’m doing this weekend…

We will be relaxing at home after spending the week with my extended family. We are also headed to see Santa on Sunday night!

 photo IMG_20151203_184311_zps85jtxmmt.jpg

What I am looking forward to next month…

I love all the Christmas festivities!!! We have several Christmas parties this year.  I even get to go fancy dress shopping next week for Danny’s big company Christmas party!!!!

What else is new…

Nothing new in our household.

What is my favorite Thanksgiving tradition…

I don’t have a lot of traditions during the Thanksgiving holiday. We just love to spend time with our friends and family each year and eat a lot of yummy food.

I hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday.

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4 thoughts on “What’s Up Wednesday

  1. tractorsandglam says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to your family Jessica. My kitchen has also been pretty much closed this week. It was all about simple and quick. Also, a trip to NYC is exciting. That is one place I have always wanted to go, especially around the holidays. Happiest of Thanksgivings to you and yours!


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