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Friday Favorites

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At 3:00 today our Christmas Break officially begins – WOOHOO!!

Time to jump right into this weeks Friday Favorites…


If you have been reading my blog on a weekly basis you would know that we were suppose to have our family pictures taken last month.  We had to reschedule and then the photographer no showed us at the rescheduled time!!! So we found a new photographer and she is amazing.  We had our family pictures taken last Saturday and the temp was 32!!  We were all dreaming of a beach vacation, praying that would keep us warm.
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Tonight Danny and I are going to his company Christmas party.  The last time we went to a fancy Christmas Party was when Danny worked for Ernst and Young (2005). We look so young and carefree!

I had a hard time deciding what to wear. I ordered two different dresses and I am really leaning towards the first one that has all of the lace.

 photo dress_zpsrqsigsih.jpg

However, I thought this dress was really cute.  Very Aubrey Hepburn.

 photo dress 2_zps1exccxj4.jpg

I had the same problem when it came to the shoes.  I bought a pair of plain black heels…

 photo 20161215_141153_zpsyzannaeh.jpg

But more than likely I will wear this fun pair of red and black plaid shoes…

 photo 20161215_141127_zpsk64n6ome.jpg


Tomorrow we are taking a break from basketball and will be watching Kate in her first ever VOLLEYBALL Tournament.  She has been dying to play volleyball and she finally has her big day tomorrow.  She has been working so hard on her skills.  We can’t wait to cheer for her and the team on in the morning.

 photo IMG_20160927_202042_zpsxibml4kf.jpg

 photo 20161018_182549_zpskdls7wwj.jpg


Since 2011 we have hosted a Cookie Decorating Party at our house the week before Christmas.  I make 6 to 8 dozen sugar cookies and a butt load of homemade frosting.  All of the kids have so much fun decorating and eating the cookies.  This party is not for the faint at heart because it is down right crazy!  We typically have 15 to 20 kids in our house decorating cookies.  However the older the kids get the more fun it gets.

 photo Screenshot_20161215-121136_zpsckndqypx.jpg

Cookie Party 2015

 photo 20151223_104931_zpsyivw3iau.jpg

Cookie Party 2014

We had to cancel the cookie party that year because the girls got the flu!! We had 6 dozen cookies to decorate and hand out to neighbors and friends.

Cookie Party 2013

Cookie Party 2012

Cookie party 2011

 photo 20161215_153353_zpscggmm8uj.jpg

 photo 20161215_153434_zpswkwgio1o.png

 photo 20161215_153452_zpskwtocysg.png


This past Wednesday I was able to sneak away and go help with Abigail’s holiday party.  When you are in 2nd grade at our school you don’t have a holiday party on the last day before Christmas break, they have an all day party called – Holidays Around The World. They learn about how others around the world celebrate Christmas.

 photo 20161215_142343_zpsgm87sply.jpg

 photo 20161214_124112_zpspslr55th.jpg

 photo 20161215_122240_zpsqdjizlgz.jpg

 photo IMG_20161214_140331_zps5gmtyd0z.jpg

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Well that’s a wrap for this week.  I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and thanks for spending time with me!! Make it a fantastic weekend.








12 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. Girl, I am loving that Santa dress from back in the day – look at that red satin and black belt. But I must admit I seriously love your two choices for this year way more. And the plaid pumps?!?!?! Be still my heart! I am jealous that your kids go until 3pm today….mine BOTH get out at 1 and this mama needs those last sweet hours of the school day to do a few final “santa” things!!!! Happy weekend.

  2. Yay for Christmas Break. Ours starts next Wednesday afternoon. I feel like I am gearing up for battle today, so can only imagine what it is going to be like next week! They are going to be CRAY! Say a little prayer for me 🙂 I LOVE those red and black plaid shoes. They are so cute, so are the black ones. Have a great weekend!

  3. I love your new family pictures! Adorable!! Those red and black heels are perfect, too, they’ll be a great pop of color for either dress!
    I love your cookie decorating party! What a fun tradition! Hope you have a fantastic Christmas break!

  4. Are those St. Lucia headbands??? My friends go to a Swedish based church and do a huge festival every year. 🙂 Also, I totally think the lace dress with plaid shoes would rock. 🙂

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