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Christmas 2016

Every year we attend our church’s Christmas Eve service.  I always try to snap a quick picture of the four of us before we head out because I know that once we get to the church we will not have time.

 photo 20161224_182825_zpsdajstuui.jpg

After we got home the girls made some reindeer food.

 photo 20161224_183216_zpsfedqar7l.jpg

and then of course they had to decorate some cookies for Santa.

 photo 20161224_191752_zpsslqiedri.jpg

Finally it was time to sprinkle the food outside and head to bed.

 photo 20161224_202259_zpszy6hhes7.jpg

 photo 20161224_202350_zpsbyl0fq3x.jpg

Christmas morning I snapped one last picture before the craziness of opening presents.

 photo 20161225_070751_zpsoddzriaq.jpg

Now time to wake up the girls…because they were still asleep at 7:30!!  This is really late for our girls.

 photo 20161225_070611_zpsbbsd0o3x.jpg

Abigail loved her drum set. 🙂

 photo 20161225_072332_zpscwnmxi8e.jpg

The best present ever.

 photo 20161225_074652_zps7oltj1vk.jpg

Kate was so excited to get some new jewelry.

 photo IMG_5088_zpskdah7dnc.jpg

Another tradition we have is to take a family picture on Christmas morning (love this tradition!)

 photo IMG_20161225_094331_195_zpspdt1iuzk.jpg

After we opened all of our presents we headed to the Moviehouse & Eatery to watch Sing.

 photo 20161225_104044_zpsrownkrnq.jpg

 photo 20161225_104118_zpsfgg0ccdo.jpg

After the movies the girls spent all afternoon playing with their new toys…

They tried out their new roller blades.  We thought it would be best to to practice in the backyard first.

 photo 20161225_132553_zpsbdkfdpld.jpg

 photo 20161225_170542_zpsf1grmouf.jpg

Abigail loves her new puppy alive.

 photo 20161225_191651_zpsugwkqjjg.jpg

And Kate said her favorite present from Christmas was her new American Girl Doll – Rebecca

 photo 20161225_191628_zpsj2lse0y1.jpg

I love my new Kendra Scott earrings.

 photo IMG_20161225_170620_140_zpsu6xd9vsb.jpg

And then we all had some family fun playing Pie in the Face.

 photo IMG_20161225_194803_402_zpsanxo58ef.jpg

Danny and I both agree that this was probably one of the best Christmases we have had in a long time because there was no fighting and the girls loved every one of their presents.  We just had a great time spending time together all day!!  Danny and I ended the crazy day  by  watching the best Christmas movie ever…

 photo 20161225_201919_zps7f7jq7o6.jpg

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!

5 thoughts on “Christmas 2016

  1. Looks like a perfect day! I bought pie in the face but we never got around to playing…hoping to take it with us to New Mexico and play with our little cousins. Carly Jo is begging to go see Sing and it is blah and dreary here today so I’m thinking that may be on the agenda!

  2. What a fun Christmas! I love that you guys go to the movies on Christmas day. I think we are going to try to see Sing before break is over. Pie in the Face is so much fun 🙂 I love the rollerblading pictures. Have a great day!

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