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Workin’ Wednesday – New Year’s Goals

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Every year I try to make a list of things I would like to accomplish that year, however I rarely accomplish everything on that list.  I saw this statement on USA Today….

“About 44% of Americans said they were making at least one new year’s resolution, according to a national Marist Poll conducted in early December. And about two-thirds of those who made a resolution for 2016 said they stuck to at least part of their goals.”

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Here are my goals for 2017…Exercise at least 4x a week

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Make dating my husband a priority this year.  I plan to have at least two date nights a month, more if we can squeeze them in 🙂

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Menu plan each month and incorporate more healthy meals.

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Clean Out and organize all of the closets in our house.   This is going to be a huge project that I am not looking forward to but really needs to be done.


Move the girls into their own rooms. The girls have shared a room for 6 years and it is time for them to have their own room.  I am really not sure how this will go but I bet that one of them will end up sleeping with the other most nights of the week.


Paint and redo our master bedroom and bathroom (this is the only room we have not painted since we moved in almost 5 years ago.) Thanks to a busted pipe this past weekend this goal has now become our main focus – UGH!!!

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My dream bathrooms…

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Update the decor and paint our kitchen.  I would love to have this kitchen.

love the island; cabinets on both sides for storage; end detail looks like 'Furniture'; stools for seating; would want wood countertop:

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20 thoughts on “Workin’ Wednesday – New Year’s Goals

  1. OK can you add in, “Remodel Amanda’s bathroom too.” When we had our house issues and it was time to start the rebuilding process I have no clue why we didn’t say – REDO THAT BATHROOM! My Lord. Love the dating your spouse one too. That is so so important! And the girls….now that is exciting! xo

  2. Painting our master bedroom is on my to-do list this year too! We moved in about 5 months ago to a new house and I told the painters to leave our bedroom, that I’d do it, and it’s still got mauve paint with dry wall patches all over! Good luck painting and with the rest of your goals 🙂

  3. Great goals! I plan to date my husband more this year too. He now works 7 minutes from the house and we have taken advantage of the day date during lunch hours!
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. We are doing a lot of home improvements this year too. And broken water pipes are the worst, aint nobody got time for dat! I love the goal about dating your husband this year as well. What a great thing to focus on. Have a great day!

  5. Love your goals!!
    I just want a new house instead of remodeling/painting! HA I love your dream kitchens and bathroom! That totally stinks about a busted water pipe but hey you may just get that dream bath a lot faster! HA

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