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Friday Favorites – Week 4

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Good morning from Paris, France!!  We arrived just a few hours ago and we’re ready to hit the ground running and see as much as we can today.


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Please someone pinch me!  When I told my coworkers that I was going to Paris for the weekend they were all shocked.  However, one of my closet friends said if you can do Beijing in less than 24 hours then you can definitely do Paris in two days!!  I’m so excited to see all the sites and enjoy some yummy French pastries.

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Proud parent moment…

We got an email from our school’s assistant principal Wednesday because Abigail had exceeded her goal on her MAP (Measures of Academic Progress) Reading assessment! She has been working so hard and we are so proud of her.

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I also have to brag on Kate.  She had to read five Texas Bluebonnet Books (books pictured below) to get invited to a special school breakfast and she accomplished this goal.  (Set goals people! They make you push yourself and grow. It’s a great feeling when you accomplish one.) She attended the special breakfast yesterday. She now wants to read 15 more books so that she can be invited to the pizza party!!  She loves to read.

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One of my New Year’s goals was to workout four times a week.  Let’s just say I haven’t done very good with this goal 🙁  I think I’ve only worked out once or maybe twice each week.  I feel like our life has been so crazy this month!! Giant ugh…. However, I took time out of our busy life this week to workout with my girls.  They love to workout with me and I enjoy spending time with them.  I love that I can be an example for them and I hope they will love to be active the older they get.

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I have gone back and forth about this topic but it has been on my heart for a while.  Does anyone else struggle with the fact that our husbands are our one and only best friend?

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This week has been an emotional week for me.  Let’s be honest women, we probably all struggle in this area but it gets harder the older we get to have friends that are always there when you need something. Don’t get me wrong, I have friends that I can call up when we need something and they would be there in a heart beat. However, sometimes it’s really hard to open up to those friends with my deepest and darkest secrets. I finally had to realize that friends will come and go but Danny will always be there for me, even when I’m crazy.

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I don’t want to end this week’s post like Debbie Downer, so just in case you missed this week’s post…

Tuesday I shared my Stitch Fix Box Review.

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Wednesday was this month’s edition of What’s Up Wednesday.

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14 thoughts on “Friday Favorites – Week 4

  1. ENJOY your weekend in Paris!! And oh my word, YES to your #4! I feel the exact same way. I have some awesome friends, but I am feeling like we’re drifting apart a bit and I really want to find some girls who share the same interests as me…It’s actually on my goal sheet for the new year, lol!!!

  2. Wait, wait, wait, NYC last week and now Paris? Mic drop. I married my best friend for sure. I mean I have my other best friend who I have known way longer and there are things she and I can discuss that he would be very slack jawed and drooling in the corner if I decided to bring up those topics. BUT he is the one I go to for everything no matter how boring or irrelevant it is to him ha!

  3. Have fun in Paris! I am excited for your recap.And YES to the husbands being your best friend. I have girlfriends, but Brandon is the one person that knows absolutely everything and the one person who I go to for everything. I love my girlfriends, but my husband is my best friend. Your girls had a great week this week! You should be so proud. Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. Have such a great time in Paris! That’s so exciting! Congrats to both Kate & Abigail. I hope Kate gets to go to the pizza party too! The older I get, the less friends I truly open up to about EVERYTHING. In fact there is one, maybe 2 people that get to hear absolutely everything.

  5. I’m so excited for you!! I toured Europe for a couple weeks with a group right after our high school graduation (many years ago – lol!) and we had two days in Paris. You can totally enjoy it in two days, making the most of every moment! ENJOY! Congrats to your daughter! What a proud mom moment that no doubt was! Heading over to your Instagram and looking forward to following your adventures in Paris, and every day life beyond that! 😉 xo – Brenda //

  6. Have so much fun!! Can’t wait to follow along. I am thankful to have one friend in my life who has been around for 23 years and we just get each other..I can dump anything on her and she always has so much grace and wisdom for me but also sometimes just understands.

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