Our Weekend In Paris

I arrived home late Sunday afternoon from an amazing weekend in Paris.  I have always dreamed of going to Paris, and when Danny was asked to give a presentation in Paris, we decided that I would join him on this wonderful trip!

We boarded our flight Thursday evening and were ready for our nine hour flight.

 photo IMG_20170126_165039_394_zps6wcbf7fs.jpg

Of course, when you are on a flight to Paris the best way to start is with a glass of champagne.

 photo 20170126_175258_zpshxrmevzb.jpg

The sun setting over the USA.

 photo 20170126_175302_zpsfr1jkvlg.jpg

I woke up to this beautiful sunrise over France.

 photo 20170127_012954_zpsqdmf2rf1.jpg

Once we arrived in Paris we checked into our hotel – Hotel 7 Eiffel.  It was a very “European” hotel with quaint rooms.  Our room was not ready so we headed out to see some sights.  Thankfully Danny picked a hotel that was in the perfect location…

 photo 20170130_152104_zpsegecj9zr.jpg

Our first stop was the Musee de l’Armee – The Army Museum. The museum was a collection of weapons and uniforms tracing the French Military conflicts, plus Napoleon’s tomb.

 photo 20170127_113756_zpsve2pbjpu.jpg

 photo PhotoGrid_1485708696379_zpsmtaogn2i.png

Also inside this museum was a beautiful church – CATHEDRAL OF SAINT-LOUIS DES INVALIDES.

 photo PhotoGrid_1485708892238_zpsxavajykn.png


 photo PhotoGrid_1485708788502_zpsoawjbi90.png

Napoleon’s Tomb…

 photo 20170127_054154_zpsjfrzsnkj.jpg

The grounds around the museum were so beautiful.

 photo 20170127_125825_zpsiyemxsuq.jpg

Next, we grabbed some lunch and walked over to the Eiffel Tower.  As we came around the corner and I saw the tower for the first time I was in complete shock.  I could not believe that we were standing there together in front of the Eiffel Tower.

 photo 20170127_131650_zps9zxgitt6.jpg

 photo 20170127_131614_zpscvfiba2v.jpg

 photo 20170127_133359_zpsagdpwsj5.jpg

After an afternoon of walking around we returned to the hotel and relaxed.  There was a cute little French restaurant just down the street from our hotel.

 photo 20170127_193240_zpsbl1mbhcf.jpg

Danny ordered escargot.  Yes your read that correctly – we ate SNAILS!!   They were really good actually.

 photo 20170127_193954_zpsybvoqevk.jpg

We ended our night with a walk back to the Eiffel Tower.  It is so beautiful at night.

 photo 20170127_212856_zpssnmvr3po.jpg

We had a full to do list on Saturday.  We put on our walking shoes and headed to the Louvre. On our way, we stopped and took a few pictures.

 photo 20170128_104652_zps2esepl3w.jpg

 photo 20170128_105233_zpsslz84uyi.jpg

And we finally arrived at the Musee du Louvre.  It was so amazing to see this museum in person.

 photo received_1305742539490864_zps42qfccno.jpeg

 photo 20170128_112724_zpsn1qwffp4.jpg

 photo 20170128_142618_zpseugdyjge.jpg

We of course had to take a selfie in front of the Mona Lisa.

 photo 20170129_103654_zpsgvsmp4c4.jpg

 photo 20170129_103615_zpsq4vwotne.jpg

We saw so many amazing pieces of art.

 photo 20170129_103811_zpsbfpuijjd.jpg

 photo 20170128_131146_zpsqvvjp9nn.jpg

 photo 20170128_131550_zpscs8bjhqw.jpg

This was just one hall…the museum was packed.

 photo 20170128_131743_zps3oymy5u7.jpg

 photo PhotoGrid_1485708033220_zpslzispghk.png

 photo PhotoGrid_1485707994257_zpsx7zescoe.png

 photo PhotoGrid_1485706597658_zpsgugq3hlj.png

After the Louvre we walked across the Seine River to Notre Dame Cathedral.

 photo 20170128_151157_zpsrvifw7in.jpg

The beautiful Cathedral

 photo 20170128_142727_zpstk6fbm9m.jpg

and it was even more beautiful inside.

 photo 20170128_154113_zpslkf9hhv8.jpg

We left Notre Dame and started walking towards the Arc de Triomphe – almost a 2 mile walk!!  When you don’t need a taxi they are everywhere but when you need one they are all in hiding! Ugh!  However, we decided to just take the subway – best idea ever.

 photo PhotoGrid_1485707641821_zpsvkukox8y.png

After a quick subway ride we arrived at the Arc de Triomphe.

 photo 20170129_100606_zpsokb13iow.jpg

 photo 20170128_170146_zpsfpasgctc.jpg

One more picture of the Eiffel tower as the sun was setting.

 photo 20170128_173145_zps6isbzvhp.jpg

beautiful Paris Sunset…

 photo 20170128_201627_zpszsz4qy1n.jpg

We had an unforgettable day in Paris and after dinner we walked back to the Eiffel tower.

 photo received_1307910239274094_zpslqwjqzr2.jpeg

 photo received_1307910099274108_zpsaahubkmq.jpeg

I was so sad to leave but we are already talking about our next trip to Paris with the girls.

We have traveled all over the world and I am so glad that I have been able to experience all of these wonderful places with my best friend (Rome, London, Hawaii, Washington DC, NYC, Beijing, Manila and many more).

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  1. EEK! I love Paris! Looks like an amazing trip!
    Ben and I were able to go a few years ago! I need to recap that trip on my blog!!
    We “locked our love” on one of the bridges, but I had read that they were taking all the locks off because it was causing damage to the bridges. Were all the locks gone???

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