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Wow!!  January will definitely go down in the books as one of the most amazing and busy months we have had in a very long time. Today I am sharing my Top Ten moments from January. I had a hard time picking just ten things from this past month but I think I covered the best moments from January.


Our January kicked off with a bang!  Well I guess more like a huge leak.

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Thanks to a broken pipe we will now have to live through a bathroom remodel.  Don’t get me wrong I am really excited to have an updated bathroom but the pipe busted on January 8th and it is now Feb 2nd and we still haven’t finalized any of the remodel details.  This seems like it will be the longest remodel ever.

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I have always wanted to see the Statue of Liberty. We did not have enough time to actually go to Liberty Island but the boat tour around the island was perfect.  Hopefully one day we will take the girls to New York City and at that time we can actually go take a tour of Liberty Island and Ellis Island.

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This month we have been busy with our Winter Sports.  Kate has loved playing volleyball and hopes to return to the team next winter.

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I have had a great time coaching Abigail’s basketball team.  They have done an amazing job this season.

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My awesome team.

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I loved going to the Today Show and seeing everything that goes on behind the scenes.  The highlight of the visit was winning a prize and of course being on TV!

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The girls have had a great month at school.
 photo IMG_20170126_093735_309_zps3tgebewx.jpg
 photo IMG_20170124_180733_007_zpsyepn1pg9.jpg


Another bucket list item was checked off last month too.  We have been to a lot of museums around the world and the Louvre Museum is definitely one of my favorite museums.  We spent almost four hours there and enjoyed every minute.  We could have stayed longer but we had so many things on our to do list that day.

 photo 20170128_112724_zpsn1qwffp4.jpg


My wedding ring got an upgrade!  Danny bought me this beautiful diamond ring.

 photo IMG_20170102_214157_021_zpsp8djxqwj.jpg


Another highlight from our trip to New York City was going back to the bridge where Danny proposed to me in 2002.

 photo 20170114_113428_zpsxeqfmzbf.jpg


January is always special around our house because we celebrate Kate’s birthday.  I will never forget Wednesday January 9th, 2008.  I was in labor for almost 12 hours at home before we went to the hospital.  By the time we got to the hospital I was already dilated to a NINE!!  Now our little girl is nine years old and growing up so fast.

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 photo IMG_20170107_175322_567_zpsabf2794y.jpg


My number one moment from January was without a doubt going to Paris and seeing the Eiffel Tower!  I still can’t believe that I was standing there in Paris looking at this amazing structure in person.  Again, another bucket list item checked off.

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