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Keeping Your Marriage Strong


I love this quote…

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Danny and I have been married for 13.5 years.  We all have struggles in our marriages but every day you must make the choice to put your marriage first.  We told our girls that our relationship will always come first over them and it’s for that reason.  Our girls were shocked when we told them this but we explained that we loved them but our relationship must be strong in order to give them all the love and support they need.  It’s a “put your oxygen mask on first before assisting others” kind of thing. Danny had a great analogy for them… He is the pilot, I am the airplane, and they are the passengers.  His job is to make sure they get to where they are going but if the plane is not working then they can’t get there. So he must take care of the plane first and then focus on the passengers.   I thought this was a great analogy of how a marriage should be.


Ever since the girls were born we’ve tried to get away for at least a weekend or week every year for “just us” time.  This year we’ve already had two amazing trips and I can’t wait to see what the rest of the year holds.





We also try to do as many date nights as we can each month.  Some months may end up being date lunches depending on our crazy schedules but we always make the most of our time.  It’s so important to remember that even though you are married you still need to “date” your spouse.


I also try to find enjoyment in the things that he enjoys.  Surprisingly, over the years, one thing that he loves to do has become something I actually enjoy now.  Every year starting in March, Danny loves to watch Formula One racing.  I’ve found myself looking forward to watching the races and keeping up on all of the news.  I’ve enjoyed it so much that I’ve even considered planning trips to watch a race.  This hasn’t happened yet but maybe one day we can go to one of the exotic locations for a race (Barcelona, Monte Carlo, Abu Dhabi, or Singapore).

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We have witnessed first hand several of our friends have problems with their marriage and through those events, it has for sure made our marriage stronger.  We talk about everything and have no secrets from each other.  He makes me laugh and when I see him walk through a door he still puts a smile on my face and I’m so happy that he is mine.  I’m so glad that my friend took me to that tattoo parlor 17 years ago so that I could meet the man that would later become my husband, father to our two beautiful girls, and my best friend for the rest of my life.


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11 thoughts on “Keeping Your Marriage Strong

  1. Shut up…I love that y’all met at a tattoo parlor! That’s awesome. You guys are an adorable couple. I’m always amazed at how giddy I can still get when Keith walks in at the end of the day..most days. 🙂

  2. Love this. And that y’all discussed it with your girls! But I extra love that y’all met in a tattoo parlor! I don’t think I knew that!

  3. My husband is a die hard Formula One guy, too. I told him after he makes it to Disney with us, we can spend money for the Austin races that happen in October. I teach a lot of international students who keep up with it too, so it’s always an easy way to bond with them.

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