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In honor of Valentine’s Day I wanted to take some time to introduce you to My Loves.

Danny and I meet March 4, 2000.  We have a very unique story for the place we met that night and many people don’t know about it.  So if you don’t know Danny and I met at Poking You Tattoo in College Station.  Let’s just say we were very young and in college, so if you would like more details feel free to send me an email.  From the day we met until the day we got married we were always together.  We both knew about 4 months into our relationship that we going to be together for a very long time.  I am so thankful God put Danny in my life 17 years ago and changed my life forever.

Our very first picture we took – March 2000


This picture was taken about two hours before Danny proposed to me in New York City.
 photo SVP_4729-ZF-3727-34976-1-058_zpspu1oicpn.jpg
17 years later – I think we still look like 20 somethings 🙂

We were married July 2003 and then moved to the North Dallas area shortly after.  We have lived in the same area for almost 14 years and love our little town.

 photo SVP_4532-ZF-3727-34976-1-011_zpsuyilmcjg.jpg


 photo SVP_4774-2-ZF-3727-34976-1-065_zpsorobuzdz.jpg

Kate is nine years old and is sweet, loving, and caring.  She is also is very sensitive, she definitely wears her feelings on her sleeves.  She is loves to be active.  She enjoys playing volleyball and soccer, and she also loves spending time with her friends and girl scout troop.


 photo SVP_4767-ZF-3727-34976-1-064_zpsszxfufw5.jpg

Abigail is seven years old and she is our little comedian.  She has a very sweet spirit and is also very spunky. She keeps us on our toes!  She is one of the most confident little girls I have ever met.  Abigail plays with everyone and also doesn’t care about the drama. She only cries when she doesn’t feel good, which is very rare.

Maggie & Jack

 photo IMG_20140416_210514_zpsdyhvmyod.jpg

These guys are our first born kids. Maggie (on the right) is 13.5 years old and Jack (on the left) is 12 years old.  These guys were the center of our world before we had kids but soon after Kate’s arrival they entered a whole new world.  Now a days they just lounge around the house and love going outside to sit in sun.

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  1. You guys were dating in CS during the time when I was between marriages and dating Keith. Who knows….we may have hung out in the same places! I do recognized the overalls….definitely had the short and long version. Ha! Your girls personalities fit perfectly with the first born and the baby don’t they? I definitely was much like Kate growing up for sure. Blessed little family! Happy Valentines Day!

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