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What’s Up Wednesday

It’s Wednesday & that means it’s time for this month’s edition of What’s Up Wednesday!
 Here we go!


Sunday – quick dinner before heading to women’s event at church
Monday – English muffin pizzas (this was a huge fail – the girls hated this dinner)
Tuesday – kids choice for dinner
Wednesday – Italian Chicken with Pasta (crockpot)
Thursday – Girl’s Night Out (dinner at the movie theater)
Friday – we are volunteering at church so we will eat dinner there.
Saturday – Date Night with friends


While I was looking through old pictures for my TUESDAY POST I found a few that brought back some fun memories.

I miss when the girls were little and we didn’t have crazy sports schedules or work schedules…we just enjoyed a relaxed and carefree life.


I love that Spring temperatures have finally arrived!!

 Image result for hello spring


However, thanks to the what I’m LOVING means the thing I’m DREADING has arrived too – Spring storms…

Image result for hail storm meme

This week we are cleaning up from the hail storm we had on Sunday.
 photo 20170326_204547_zpsrcwhbeqk.jpg

Just a few of the hail pieces we picked up.

 photo 20170326_205724_zpskizvj8fq.jpg

This is the hail that was on our trampoline.

 photo 20170326_211328_zpsbfbvumlf.jpg

We will be buying new patio chairs too…

 photo 20170327_172410_zpsmszpekg5.jpg

 photo 20170327_172345_zpscuoax4lz.jpg


We have been spending a lot of time on the fields.

Kate has had an amazing soccer season.

 photo PhotoGrid_1490276128172_zpsnn5mq2kq.png

Even though Abigail is a great soccer player she really has loved playing softball.

 photo IMG_20170323_192806_738_zpseszxzu9m.jpg

This past weekend we went and watched Beauty and the Beast.  We all LOVED it!!

 photo IMG_20170325_184633_109_zpsmsn3wds2.jpg

 photo 20170325_185423_zpsu4owtzpp.jpg
 photo 20170325_185548_zpspmtbcik1.jpg


I am working on all of the final details of our bathroom remodel.
 photo 20170327_172310_zpsi2zuotha.jpg

 photo 20170327_172303_zpslxpdekoh.jpg


 So we had a change in vacation plans.  I have looked at so many different vacation ideas over the past six months – Washington DC, Yellowstone, Mexico, New York City, and Boston.  But I think we have finally decided that the girls are old enough to enjoy Washington DC.  Danny and I have been before and loved our time we spent in the city.  I started planning it last month and we hope to get everything booked within the next week or so.
A few pictures from our trip to Washington DC in 2008 (click here for more pictures)


My girls love Liv and Maddie and last week the series finale aired – let’s pause for a moment of silence.

Image result

Okay moving on. I am sad that it is over because I actually enjoyed watching the show.  Am I the only girl mom that enjoys watching shows like Liv & Maddie, Good Luck Charlie, or Jessie, please tell me I’m not alone?!?!?!


I just finished the Fifty Shades of Grey Trilogy and need some new book recommendations.  I am thinking about reading Elin Hilderbrand’s new book…

While looking for a book on Amazon I came across this book – Difficult Women.  It looks very interesting and has mixed reviews but I think I will give it a try.

I just ordered this book – We Were the Lucky Ones –  and I can’t wait to start it…


I’ve had the new Beauty and the Beast soundtrack on repeat.

 photo 20170328_133907_zps3huxqx85.png

When I think of summer I think of country music.  So I have added some Dierks Bentley to my daily play list too.
 photo 20170328_152827_zpsukhd0tkl.jpg


I recently bought three new Spring dresses.  I love them!!
 photo 20170328_085755_zps282xdwo2.jpg

 photo 20170328_085916_zpsuw740xdv.jpg
 photo 20170328_090046_zpsqm9dggvt.jpg


Friday night we are volunteering at our church for a program called – Incredible Fridays.  The program description from the church website… it is a monthly respite ministry for families that have children with special needs. Parents bring their children, including siblings without disabilities, to First Baptist McKinney for three hours once a month. Parents can use this time to do whatever they want – shop, go on a date, relax. The program is free.
Saturday morning we will spend on the soccer fields and then Danny and I are going out for a date night.


I am looking forward to Easter!

Every year we have a class Easter Egg Hunt for all of the kids.  Here is a look back at the past four years…
Our first hunt
Easter Egg Hunt 2014
Easter Egg Hunt 2015
Easter Egg Hunt 2016
Our first Easter as a family of four – 2010
 Easter 2016



What’s your favorite spring wardrobe piece? 

After a long winter of wearing jeans for several months I am looking forward to getting a tan and wearing these shorts again!! I love the bright colors!

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16 thoughts on “What’s Up Wednesday

  1. Hey friend! Well I cannot say that I like those Disney shows but my darling daughter does. She’s currently grounded from tv so she will be disheartened to learn that show is over. Judging by my DVR she has been sneaking around recording things though….DC is a great trip! The hubs and I have mentioned going back then we contemplate waiting until both kids are old enough to go with us. Who knows! The dresses are fabulous! Just like you and I hope your day is wonderful!

    1. Ahh thanks – you are the sweetest. My daughter is currently grounded from play-dates and sleepovers. It has been the longest month ever! Groundings are sometimes a punishment for parents too.
      I plan to have the girls do some research before we leave on vacation so that they know some fun facts about DC.

  2. I love the colored shorts and those dresses are so cute. Washington DC will be such a fun trip. And no, you are not alone in the watching of Disney shows. Sometimes the kids will have moved on and I am still watching it! Hahaha! Great recap of your month and I also am really missing having all the free time instead of all the sports. Have a great day!

  3. I just grabbed some Kelly green shorts for this Spring from J Crew, and I love them. I want a comfy peplum tee to go with them. How good is that movie soundtrack?! I’m dying to buy it, but I’m on the fence. I really want ‘Evermore!’ Happy Wednesday.

  4. That hail is crazy!!! You guys will have so much fun in DC. It’s definitely one of my favorite cities! I have a love/hate relationship with Elin Hilderbrand’s books. Some I love and can’t read fast enough and some I have to make myself finish. The Beauty & the Beast soundtrack is amazing!!!

  5. That hail! Wow, we haven’t had anything like that here in Houston this spring. Today we are getting thunderstorms though. Your kids will have a blast in DC! We went when our kids were in 5th and 3rd grades and it was the perfect age. Have a wonderful Wednesday!

  6. Your vacation sounds amazing, that one is on our bucket list! I did love watching Jesse and Dog With a Blog (seriously, so dumb but so funny!!).

    That hail is crazy!!!

  7. Oh my word. That hail is CRAZY! My bro lives in Texas and he sent us pictures… his hail wasn’t as big as yours though. that is just insane. I’m so glad you guys are OK.

    And isn’t Dierks amazing?! We saw him in concert a few weeks ago and it was great! And that song Black… OMG, so dreamy!

  8. I’m not one to comment usually, but I have to tell you I really enjoy reading about your sweet family. I work in D.C. and am excited that your family is going to experience our wonderful city!

  9. Girl…I cannot believe the holes in your patio furniture!! I have loved watching Liv and Maddie too. This week Carly has asked me to sit down and snuggle to watch every night. Good Luck Charly is still my very favorite! I listened to the entire B&B soundtrack while working on blogposts Tuesday night and I just love it. I’d like to say I’m excited about shorts…but right now I cannot fit a single pair…the struggle is real over here!!! Hope you have a super weekend and bless some people huge at your church event!

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