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Bluebonnets 2017

Last night we made our annual trip to the bluebonnet fields.  A good friend of mine lives about 35 miles from us and has an amazing field of beautiful and untouched bluebonnets.  It is very hard to find a field that has not been walked all over by families trying to get the perfect picture. However, my friend’s field is the perfect place to go.  Here are a few of my favorites from last night.

 photo IMG_5413_zpsxogbuhrx.jpg

 photo IMG_5410_zpsvnp8etjd.jpg

 photo IMG_5414_zpsgyd68oyp.jpg

 photo IMG_5384_zpsnuckelgu.jpg

 photo IMG_5386_zps4xfxoezs.jpg

 photo IMG_5428_zps0nuba67o.jpg

 photo IMG_5425_zpscsr3rfbt.jpg

 photo IMG_5381_zpsllqvocex.jpg

 photo IMG_5380_zpsc7lyaq7l.jpg

 photo IMG_5422_zpsmkhdf1wo.jpg

 photo IMG_5430_zps8fntvelv.jpg

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15 thoughts on “Bluebonnets 2017

  1. Those are incredible bluebonnet shots. You are seriously so lucky to have a friend with an “untouched” field. It seems like as Houston has grown, the surrounding fields have gotten more and more trampled. Also, it’s awesome that you were able to get natural light without full sun on their faces.

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