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Friday Favorites

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It’s Friday and that means it’s time for me to share a few of my favorites from this past week.  So grab a cup of coffee and enjoy my recap.



Monday night we had a chance to take pictures in a beautiful field full of bluebonnets. You can see all of the pictures here.

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However, I think this one is my favorite.  The things you have to do to get the perfect picture.

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Woohoo for granite!!!  Our new bathroom counter-top arrived this week.

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This week the bathroom remodel has been very slow.  We are in a holding pattern until next week because we are waiting for the new glass for our shower and all of the painting will be done this weekend.   Earlier this week I posted a picture on instagram with five different gray paints.  I had a lot of great paint suggestions from friends but we ultimately decided on – Anonymous (Behr paint).

 photo IMG_20170402_180101_369_zpshisnsv3r.jpg


This week we were invited to attend our girl’s monthly school assembly.  Kate had no idea we were coming and was so surprised to see us.  She received Rachel’s Challenge Super Friend Award.  We are so proud of her!

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This past week has been a week we’ll always remember.  I’m so embarrassed and mortified to say this but my girls had lice last week.  I was watching a movie with my girlfriends and Danny texted me and told me he had found lice in Abigail’s hair.  I instantly starting scratching my head, literally.  I left immediately and headed to Target to get an over the counter treatment.  I also called her teacher and informed her that Abigail had lice.  Abigail said that she had gotten it from a friend at school 🙁 .  We treated Abigail Thursday night and I was still not satisfied so I made an appointment at The Lice Place.  This place got everything out of the her hair but I’ll be honest they were very pricey.  However, in may case it was worth every penny.  I’ve been checking myself daily, I’ve had our school nurse check me twice and so far I am in the clear.  But sadly we found one in Kate’s hair Monday night. I was so frustrated because we were taking every precaution and had cleaned the house from top to bottom.  So we started the treatment and cleaning process with her Monday night.

 photo 20170406_130306_zpsuzjybfs2.jpg

These little bugs freak me out so we did another treatment on the girls (just in case) Wednesday night.  My friend swears by this treatment – LiceMD.  I even treated myself just to make sure I didn’t have any in my hair.

 photo 20170405_192003_zpsvmdx2rbw.jpg

This week I have been researching any and every home remedy out there.  Another friend told me to try this recipe…

  1. Saturate hair with Listerine (Original).  Put a shower cap on your head and leave it one for 45 minutes.
  2. Wash hair with Green Apple Suave
  3. Saturate hair with Apple Cider Vinegar.  Put a shower cap on your head and leave it on for 45 minutes.
  4. Rinse out the apple cider vinegar and apply Suave Coconut conditioner.  While the conditioner is on your hair come through the hair with a Nit comb (ordered mine on amazon).
  5. Finally do one last rinse of the hair.

I have not tried this home remedy but I have all of the items just in case I need to do something again.  I have been applying Fairy Tales Rosemary Repel Hair Spray to their hair daily and they also have been wearing their hair in a pony tail or bun everyday.  I am praying that we don’t have do this again. Does anyone have any other advice of how to deal with this?

 photo 20170404_185129_zpsd5cd0nrf.jpg


Almost every day at work I am sharing funny memes or videos with my office mate.  So I thought I would share a few of my favorites that I found this week.

I am constantly pinning things on my pinterest board and this is totally me…

Pinterest Humor | Pinterest Memes | OR You LIKES Pin something accidentally, which happens to me a lot! Pinterest Funnies | More like this on my Kids Say the Darndest Things board.:

I probably lose my keys on a daily basis…

36 Of The Best Funny Quotes Ever:

This one is too funny and so true…


I have been focused on eating healthy but I would love to have a plate full of pizza rolls…

The Portion Plate:

This is exactly what my kids do daily…

35 Hilarious Minions Memes:

I hope these memes brightened your day. Have a wonderful WEEKEND!!

Live life. Experience love. Be real.







9 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. Oh I love Pinterest! I can get lost for hours on there! {BrittHensley} & all I’ve done is pin recipes we’ll never try, outfits I love, and memes that are hilariously funny!! Happy Weekend!

  2. Lice! Yikes!! I taught school for 31 years (retired now), most of those years in Kinder. Lice hit our classroom most every spring. However, I NEVER had lice myself. I hugged kids, worked closely with them, etc. etc. I truly believe my hair product kept them away. I used gel and hairspray daily. Maybe / maybe not, but worth a try to put a little hairspray in your girls’ hair to prevent the ugly little creatures!

  3. We used the listerine treatment and then we used a hot iron when my daughter had lice. I did not want to use the pesticide shampoo on her. We used listerine every other day and use the straightener everyday.

    1. I wondered if using a hot iron would help. I will do that this weekend along with the Listerine. I want to make sure those little bugs are gone! I have such a hard time seeing the eggs and the baby lice.

  4. I have heard that Tea Tree oil is a great repellent also. OH lice! Every spring and fall I am checking my kiddos heads. They (the bugs) like the clean heads the best. I am SUPER jealous that you have a place that will treat for you. We have nothing like that here so when it hits our house (because let’s face it…pretty much everyone gets it at least once in their life) it will be me and my husband treating it. Other than the lice, it looks like you guys had a pretty good week! Happy Friday!

  5. One of my daughters had it too and we put olive oil in her hair at night left it in overnight and did this for 7 days straight. Wash out with dawn dish soap. Also you can put cetephil daily wash on her hair then blow dry it in leave it in overnight and wash out in the morning.

  6. Oh sweetheart – lice is one thing that freaks me out! When I hear that there are cases at the school I go into lock down! One of the other moms at the school said when her child had it they burned all their bedding and though we laughed I was thinking – yeah I’d be that crazy too! The memes have me laughing, thank you!!! xo

  7. Oh girl, don’t be embarrassed about the lice. It’s pretty common!! Jacob had it back in December and I FLIPPED OUT but his teacher assured me that it happens every year and a lot of the kids pass it around. And our kids go to a private school so we know nobody there is neglected or unclean. It’s just a fact of life! SUCH a pain in the butt, though! We had to wash all the bedding/stuffed animals/clothes/towels/pillows and vaccuum everything too. It was SO time consuming. You are so lucky that you have a place to take them to!! We don’t have anything like that here so I had to comb every single nit out myself. It took forever!!

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