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Show & Tell Tuesday – Prom Night

When I saw that Andrea’s topic this week was all about Prom Night I was excited because I wanted to see everyone’s prom pictures from the past.  It took me a couple of weeks of digging to find my pictures.  Remember I am 38 years old so I’m from the day of printed pictures and nothing was digital.  I had to dig through two boxes of pictures and I found a few pictures to share today.

At my high school you went to prom your Junior and Senior year.  The dance was held at the National Guard facility in my hometown and we spent weeks decorating the place.  My Junior year my boyfriend lived out of town so I went with a good guy friend. (I couldn’t find our official prom picture).

Here I am all dressed up with my best friend before we left for dinner.

 photo Jr prom_zpsjedf6r4h.jpg

And a picture from the prom.

 photo jrprom 2_zpsp5m7fzeu.jpg

My Senior year I once again did not go with my boyfriend because his parents did not allow him to go to school dances so I went with his best friend.

My best friends and I

 photo sr prom_zpsn057th6p.jpg

I miss these girls…

 photo sr prom 2_zps1a5jx5tr.jpg

I hope you enjoyed my look into my Junior (1996) and Senior (1997) Prom.

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  1. So fun! I never went to prom with anyone who was actually in high school with me…I can’t believe my mom let me date older guys and I really can’t believe that they actually came to prom with me when they weren’t even in high school anymore!!! lol

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