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Spring Cleaning

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Woohoo for Spring Cleaning!!  Our home is in need of a major deep clean.  Last Fall I had a lady that was coming to our home twice a month to clean and it was so nice!!  However, after the leak in our master bathroom we decided to discontinue the use of a cleaning lady because our home has looked like a construction zone since January.  (BTW – We have been told that our bathroom will be completed by the last week of April, fingers crossed.)  This week I am going to start the process of deep cleaning our home.

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Since I work full time I am always looking for helpful guides for cleaning your home.  Every day after the girls go to bed I try to go through the house and straighten up and clean a few things.  I love this daily checklist…

Free Printable Daily and Weekly Cleaning Lists | Three Designs of Each | Instant Downloads:

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I also like to find chore charts for the girls so that they can help me clean.  I recently bought cleaning supplies just for the girl’s bathroom so that they could clean their bathroom.

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I love this chart for the girls…  (I have already printed and put it into use last night.)

great kids printables to help them keep their room organized and clean up to mom standards-- a girl and a glue gun:

image – A Girl and A Glue Gun

One thing that we are doing this Spring is hiring a company to come and clean our air ducts.  This is not a cheap option but after some research it is definitely something we need to do.  We have done two major renovations in the past five years that we have lived in our home and we have never had our air ducts cleaned.  I hope that this will help decrease the amount of dust and allergens in our home.

When I saw this image I was shocked!!

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Finally, I love to clean house but I have ADD when I start to clean.  I always start cleaning one thing and it becomes a big project.   I hope that this helpful chart can keep me on track with my Spring Cleaning.

How To: Spring Cleaning In One Day:

Image – The Glitter Guide

That is how I plan to tackle Spring Cleaning, what are some of your cleaning tips?

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7 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning

  1. I also say that to my kids “Is it Mom clean?” HA I need to print that chart for mine!!
    I have started the process of looking into getting our air ducts cleaned out! Let me know if you have success!
    Have a great day!

    1. My daughter was actually excited about the chart, let’s see how long that last. I will definitely let you know how it goes with the air duct cleaning. We are having new carpet put it in 1.5 weeks so we tentatively have the air duct scheduled for the first week in May.

  2. LOVE the term “mom clean”! Hahahaha! My kids need this check list. So many times they think cleaning up their clothes/toys/blankets/etc means pushing them some place out of sight. We are getting our ducts cleaned at some point this year as well and I am pretty excited about it because I have also seen that picture and it freaks me out! Have a great day!

  3. That checklist is too cute! I am making a list of all the things I want to do and will just refer to that so I don’t get distracted (because it is so easy!). If I find something else I want to add to it, I plan on just jotting it down to attend to later so I finish my current task at hand.

    1. I know that picture is so gross! Our air duct guy said our house should really not be that bad. Our house is 15 years old and he said that is still fairly new. He also said the amount of buildup depends on renovations done. I hope that gives you a peace of mind.

  4. Obviously my gosh! That air duct picture is so yuck, but true! Also, we change our air filters every month because we have a little one with breathing issues, so it’s a chore we do ALL the time!!!

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