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Easter Traditions

I look forward to Easter every year.  I enjoy taking time  during the busy weekend to reflect on why we celebrate Easter.  I am thankful that God sent his Son to die for our sins and three days later the tomb was empty – Christ has Risen!
As a family we have several things that we do almost every year.  We start the Easter weekend off with a Good Friday Service at our church.  

Here are our Easter Family Traditions…


We host an Easter Egg Hunt for our church life group every year.  This year will be our 5th annual Easter Egg Hunt.
Here is a look back at the past four years…
Our first hunt
Easter Egg Hunt 2014
Easter Egg Hunt 2015
Easter Egg Hunt 2016


After our class Easter Egg Hunt we head to our church for a HUGE community event
Loved these two pictures from several years ago…
Last year the girls loved the petting zoo…
Kate loved this little pig!
Abigail held every little chick they had.
She really wanted to held this bunny but it kept jumping out of her arms so they put it in her Easter basket – great idea
Then is was time for the Easter Egg Hunt – 20,000 EGGS!!!
Let the fun begin…


I love putting together cute Easter baskets every year. 


We also try to incorporate some fun family activites.  The girls love to dye eggs.  We are planning to do this activity Saturday afternoon.


Several years ago we made Resurrection Rolls and I am going to try to do this again with the girls tomorrow. 

The finished product. HE HAS RISEN!


Finally, every year we take a family picture.  Some years this is hard to do but I love to capture the one time a year that we get all dressed up.
Our first Easter as a family of four – 2010
Easter 2013
 Easter 2016
Those are just a few of our family traditions for Easter.  I hope you and your family have a wonderful Easter Weekend.


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7 thoughts on “Easter Traditions

  1. 20,000 eggs?!?! WOW! That is a huge egg hunt, and what a fun day! I love reading about all of your traditions with your family. We do many of the same things. I also love putting together the kiddos Easter Baskets. I need to make those Resurrection Rolls. We have never made them and I think my kids would love them. Have a great day!

  2. What a fun egg hunt! That is so many eggs! I love that your church also does a community outreach. How cute is that little pig?! I’ve never heard of resurrection rolls but now I need to try them. I just love this time of year and celebrating our savior! Happy Easter to you and your family, and thank you for linking up with us. Beautifully Candid

  3. So very sweet. I can’t believe the egg hunt is with 20,000 eggs. That is incredible. I love reading everyone’s Easter traditions and being able to incorporate them into my life in year’s to come.

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