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Show & Tell Tuesday – Grown Up Parties

I love to plan and host parties.  When it comes to parties I love to go big!  Today I’m sharing some of my favorite adult parties we’ve hosted.  Halloween parties are one of my favorite to plan.  We typically have two big parties every October.


This past year we hosted a Pumpkin Carving party…I have always wanted to host a party like this but we have never had time.  So this year I made sure we had it on our calendar.

 photo 20161031_141641_zpsscl5sv41.png

We had a lot of food and drinks ready for everyone…

 photo 20161029_180128_zpsq4mrpkfs.jpg

 photo IMG_20161029_193046_zpspo2ksihx.jpg

We had six families come over and here are their pumpkins. We even did a Facebook contest to see who had the best pumpkin and the winner got a $25 gift card to a local restaurant.

 photo 20161029_192241_zpsvf5p2khj.jpg

 photo 20161029_193655_zpsibz4q8st.jpg



We hosted a couple’s Halloween party and everyone had to come as famous couple.

Danny and I decided to go as matching Elvis.

 photo 20170424_131106_zpsevpmjycp.jpg

And here are a few of our closet friends dressed up…

 photo IMG_4055_zpsgzzkef8r.jpg

 photo IMG_4048_zps4y0m8etd.jpg

 photo IMG_4051_zpsfjrt7kjg.jpg

 photo IMG_4054_zpsf0zdscoq.jpg

 photo IMG_4049_zpsola8pgyz.jpg

We ended the night with some karaoke.

 photo IMG_4072_zpsllhwxmjg.jpg


We thought it would be a lot of fun if everyone dressed up as a couple (famous or not famous) and of course all the kids came dressed in their cute costumes.  We had a lot of yummy food and great time hanging out with everyone.
Our little family
The girls and the cutest little fireman.
Group picture – all the adults.

Parties that I would love to host…

Murder Mystery Party  – two great websites for details HERE and HERE

Image result for murder mystery party

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation Party

One of my best friends planned a National Lampoon’s party and every guest was given their character to dress up as for the party.  They had a blast and I really would like to plan to have this party for this Christmas season.

Related image

These people aren’t my friends but how fun would it be to dress up like them!

National Lampoons Christmas Vacation. Mr. And Mrs. Shirley, Christmas Eve Ellen Griswold, Attic Clark Griswold, Aunt Bethany, Cousin Eddie costumes.:

Today I’m also sharing my Top Ten Kid Parties because I missed the kid’s party link up in March. – Check it out here

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  1. Love the pumpkin carving party idea! So fun! Our friends have an annual Chevy Chase Christmas Vacation themed party every year, it is so fun!!!

  2. The pumpkin party contest is such a great idea! My co-worker did a gingerbread house party with her family and posted it on Facebook to have her Fbook friends pick the winner! Your friends as Ace Ventura are cracking me up over here!

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