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Top Ten Tuesday – Birthday Party Edition

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I love to plan parties.  Every year I give the girls a couple of themes for their birthday party and once they decide I hit the ground running.  Since I’m in the middle of planning Abigail’s 8th birthday I thought it was the perfect time to look back on some of my favorite birthday parties.


 Her cute invitation.
The welcome sign for all the guests.
 Our attempt at a family photo.
 Hats for all the kids.
Photo area.
 All the kids got a stick horse!


The girls always want to have a sleepover after every birthday party, but they also want to invite 20 girls!!  So I thought the best compromise was an un-slumber party.  During the party, we did everything that you would do at a slumber party (pizza, movie, games, put make-up on each other, etc…)  but all of the kids went home at 10 pm!!

Now let the party fun begin…


When Abigail was four she loved all super heroes (heck she still loves super heroes).  So we designed a party all around super heroes.

Super cute invitation that I found on Etsy.
Wonder Woman aka Abigail White.
Superhero Family
Cat Woman and Wonder Woman
The food table.
(Love my new cupcake stand that Danny made!!!)
Close up picture of the cupcakes.
I even made capes for every child that came to the party.


The older the kids get the harder it is to come up with fun party ideas.  However, for Kate’s 8th birthday party we came up with the idea of doing an Art Party.  This was a huge hit with her friends.

Kate’s Art Party



Abigail’s 2nd Birthday – Pink Lemonade Birthday Celebration

The really cute invitation
Yummy cupcakes
The birthday girl
Some of the cute decorations


Abigail loves to play all kids of sports so a party designed around sports with the perfect theme for her 7th birthday.

Abigail’s 7th Birthday – All About Sports

 photo IMG_4650_zps8tnj6kmh.jpg

 photo IMG_4649_zpsxr4vig3h.jpg

 photo IMG_4651_zpsx92xs3gg.jpg

 photo PhotoGrid_1465784595908_zpsj1ca78nj.jpg



ready for the kids to begin decorating

The adult snacks
Let the fun begin


I love Etsy – Sweet Peach Paperie
Kate’s invitation turned out so cute and so did all the decorations!
Kate all dressed and ready for her friends to arrive.
After a cooking disaster that year, I decided to order cupcakes and they turned out perfect
all the yummy food.
of course the family birthday picture.
Instead of a red carpet we had a hot pink carpet
When I was trying to think of an activity for all the kids to do I thought it would be fun to play Pin the Bow on Barbie.  Thank goodness for my creative friends because Avery’s mom Angi did a great creating this poster for the kids to pin the “bows” on Barbie.


Abigail 5th Birthday Party – Pirate Fairy

Super cute invitation
our little pirate fairy
ready for the party to begin.
I made of couple of cute signs that greeted the guest as they arrived…
The table scape…
I hope you enjoyed the look back at some of my favorite birthday parties.   Up next is Abigail’s Luau Party.  I am so excited about this party and it is the perfect way to kick off our summer!
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  1. Jessica, your parties look like so much fun. I love how kid-centered they are. I love all the extra attention to details. And yes, a Luau party will be the perfect way to kick off summer!

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