Danny and I have been very fortunate to have some pretty amazing vacations.  When I was going through all of them, I was shocked how many places we’ve been able to see around the world.   We’re not your average travelers.  We sometimes plan vacations one year in advance and sometimes we just book a trip two weeks before we fly out.  We love to be on the go when we travel, and we are not the type that will just sit pool side all day long.  Today I am sharing some our of favorite vacations.


Our first vacation together was our honeymoon to Honolulu, Hawaii. Danny and I look so young!!! (picture quality is pretty bad – blame 2003)

Danny and I at the Paradise Cove Luau

Visiting Pearl Harbor. This could possibly be the most embarrassing picture of us I’ve seen in a while. Wow.

Danny and I on the USS Missouri


Rome was one of my favorite vacations.  We did a lot of planning prior to our big trip.  We decided to only stay in Rome for four days and try and see everything.

In front of the Spanish Steps




We had a great time just hanging out together and touring the city. Danny found an amazing hotel – The Park Lane Hotel. The hotel was located at the south end of Central Park and our room had an amazing view of the park.  Friday morning we got up at 5 a.m. so that we could walk to the Today Show. Last time we were here in 2002 things were completely different than they are now. It was really neat to see how the show is produced behind the cameras. I also love seeing all the hosts up close and personal. And the best part was we actually made it on TV.  We also won one of the Freebie Friday prizes!


We decided that we would go ahead and head to the Statue of Liberty on Friday because the weather was going to be bad on Saturday and a lot colder. So we took advantage of the beautiful weather and took the ferry out to see the Statue of Liberty.



After we got back we continued walking around the city to see the World Trade Center Memorial, the One World building and other sites around the area.


We had a very busy Friday but we ended it with having drinks at a really nice Lounge with a beautiful view of the city.


Saturday morning we walked through Central Park and enjoyed the time just being together.



We ended the night with a concert at the New York Philharmonic. This was an amazing experience to go inside the Lincoln Center and listen to some beautiful music.


Sunday was a very lazy and relaxed day and we woke up to this beautiful view of snow on Central Park.


We decided that we would start the day with a trip to the Empire State Building.





Paris was a trip of the lifetime and a very last minute decision.  I think Danny booked my ticket on a Sunday and we flew out Thursday night! I still can’t believe that we were standing there together in front of the Eiffel Tower.


Going the Louvre Museum was a huge highlight for me.






Our first trip to Cabo was July 2013 for our 10 year anniversary.  We had so much fun that we went again the next summer for our 11 year anniversary and then went back last summer.  When we find a destination we love we typically keep going back. Cabo and Puerto Rico are two locations we love to go!!





Finally, we ended our trip with dinner at Sunset De Mona Lisa. AMAZING VIEW AND BREATHTAKING SUNSET!!






Every year we take one mommy/daddy vacation and one family vacation.   Our girls have had some great vacations.  We try to plan things that are very kid friendly and to places that they will have fun.


 Two summers ago we took the girls on their first international trip.  Our resort had a lot fun kid activities and we all had a blast exploring the area.
checking out all the sea life…
laying out on the beach and playing in the water.
lots of BEACH TIME!!!


Last summer we planned a vacation to California.  We flew into San Diego and rented a car so that we could travel around the area and then up to Los Angeles.

Beautiful SAN DIEGO!!!


We sat down and played in the sand.


The girls had a lot of fun hanging out at the beach.


Since we are not your typical “go and sit while on vacation” people we loaded back into the car and headed up the coast to La Jolla for dinner.  We of course had to stop at the famous La Jolla Cove and see all of the seals and sea lions.

We were shocked how close we could get to them!!!


After San Diego our next stop was Disneyland!

Once we got inside the gates of course we had to stop and take the family selfie (the first of many family selfies from the day) in front of the Disney sign.


We went to Disney World 3 years ago so I expected that Disney Land would look very similar however their Sleeping Beauty castle is just a little smaller than Cinderella’s castle.


Off to our first ride of the day… I HATE roller costers but I had to suck it up and ride all the rides. I am glad I did because we all had a blast!





That is just a few of our adventures but you click HERE to see all of our vacations… (ie, China, London, Disney World, etc…)

Worst Vacation Ever!!!

Even though it may look like we had a good time in Atlantis it was by far the WORST vacation ever!!! The trip started off with someone breaking into our room and going through our suitcases and then stole our cell phones. The hotel then upgraded us to a nicer room in a better wing. The next awful thing was Hurricane Katrina (at that time Tropical Storm Katrina) came through the Bahamas. So it rained for 2 to 3 days straight!!! The last day was the only day that we did something fun – snorkeling in the ocean.

Danny swimming with the sharks

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