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Friday Favorites – Birthday Edition

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It is amazing how fast a year can go by when you are busy having fun!  Our little girl will celebrate her 8th birthday this weekend and I can’t believe how much she has changed!!  She has gone from missing four teeth last year to a mouth full and probably has grown 4 inches!! I love her to death but she has also become very independent and a little more challenging this year.  I love that she still wants to spend time with us and loves to give us hugs because I know one day it will not be cool to hang out with us.  Looking back at this past year I had a hard time narrowing down the pictures I wanted to share.  So here are a few of my favorites of her year as a seven year old.

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Our Little Athlete

This year she has been a busy bee with sports.  She loves being outside and playing sports.  She played two seasons of soccer this year (Fall & Spring).

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Then we went right into basketball season.  I loved coaching her this year!

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And while she was playing soccer in the Spring we added a new sport to our life.  She loved playing softball and she’ll definitely be playing again next year.

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Abigail’s Baptism

This year was a very special year for Abigail in her walk with Jesus.  Last summer our little girl asked Jesus to live in her heart.  I am so glad that I captured the moment she was praying with Danny and I.  We are so proud of her decision that she made all on her own.

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It was so special that Danny was able to baptize her…

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All About School

She had an amazing school year!

We absolutely loved her 2nd grade teacher.  I’m so sad that we don’t have a 3rd child because I would love to have Mrs. Bass another year.  Abigail has learned so much this year.

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She loved dressing up…

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Favorite Book Character Day
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Living Museum – Abigail Adams

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Hero Day at School

and was recognized for being a great friend and student…

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and that is a wrap for 2nd grade. 🙂

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Fun with Friends

She has an awesome group of friends.  These girls do everything together!  Not only are the girls super sweet but we love spending time with each of their families.  We all do life together and I could not imagine not having each of these families in our lives.

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Quality Time

Like I mentioned earlier Abigail loves to spend time with us and she really loves when she gets one on one attention.

I loved having special dates with her this past year.

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She also loves building things with her daddy.

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So if you are looking for me tomorrow I will be entertaining around 15 of her closest friends in our backyard – Abigail’s Luau Party!!  Now time to start decorating.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!








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  1. Aw, Abigail is so photogentic! Love her Book Character Day costume!! Have a great weekend!

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