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Abigail’s Luau Party

This past weekend we celebrated Abigail’s 8th birthday.  I loved the theme and had so much fun decorating.  Saturday morning when she woke up she felt a little under the weather, but by the time her party started she was ready to celebrate.

Yesterday I posted Abigail’s 8th Birthday Interview ( be sure to check it out because this is my favorite birthday tradition)

 photo IMG_20170610_100744_323_zpstewghmq3.jpg

Before her friends arrived we gave her our presents.  She asked for a few very specific items and her reaction each time she opened a present was priceless!!

The awesome Wubble ball – that already has a hole!!

 photo PhotoGrid_1497272268836_zpsklnx5bvo.png

only our child would be excited about a Poop Emoji pillow!

 photo 20170610_095724_zpszw5urmqf.jpg

She has been dying to get this game…and I’m sure we’ll be playing it sometime this week.

 photo 20170610_095839_zpsrleqnmkr.jpg

And finally a camcorder!  She has been asking for a camcorder for almost 6 months!  Little does she know this camcorder is ours that we bought 14 years ago.  We may have a little Steven Spielberg or Ron Howard on our hands.  Thank goodness she doesn’t know how to upload to YouTube yet!

 photo 20170610_095936_zpskgui2466.jpg

We snapped a quick family picture before the girls jumped into the pool.

 photo 20170610_150203_zpslesqe6f1.jpg

Cute table display…

 photo 20170610_163224_zpsssfyglmg.jpg

 photo 20170610_163218_zpsmhwexr4f.jpg

Then 18 of Abigail’s closest friends arrived for a fun afternoon of swimming.

 photo 20170610_162707_zpsi6wmwbql.jpg

Abigail wanted to put on her hula skirt before we sang Happy Birthday and opened presents…

 photo 20170610_164152_zpsbyvvvlrv.jpg

all of her friends enjoying the food

 photo IMG_5596_zpsfwmas6kv.jpg

And of course everyone wanted to see her presents…

  photo IMG_5604_zpsglalb5wp.jpg

and we ended the party with a water balloon fight.

 photo 20170610_171701_zpsfj5izel4.jpg

Another successful party in the books.  Now time to get ready for more summer camps and VACATION!!!

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