For the Men in Our Lives…

Did you know June is #Men’sHealthMonth?  We all have some special man in our lives, rather it is our brother, father, boyfriend, son or husband.  This month is all about raising awareness for men’s health issues.

We, as women, all know how important it is to take care of ourselves with monthly breast exams, yearly exams, mammograms, etc.  However, we should encourage our special men in our lives to to have a heightened awareness on preventable health problems, early detection, and treatment of diseases like prostate & testicular health.

Personally, I have been encouraging my husband to find a doctor to have a yearly physical done.  You would think that is an easy task but there are several obstacles when trying to get him to schedule an appointment – perfect doctor and time.  He finally found a doctor that he was comfortable with, and I’m sure this is a big concern for most men.   He tried to call this new doctor and they stated it would be 2 months before they could see him for a “yearly physical”.  This was very frustrating but I still encouraged him to make the appointment.  Luckily my husband is very aware of his personal health and already has a Urologist and a Cardiologist that he sees to try and stay as healthy as possible for himself and our family.

Here are some great tips from Tommy John for MEN and WOMEN. Keep your health in mind this month, and even hubby’s underwear too, if you’re looking for a Father’s Day gift this year! ( 20% off your first order! Just type in TJ20SUMMER )

  photo TJ_fathersdayhealthyhabits20s_v03_zps9tdvsksc.jpg

 photo TJ_fathersdayhealthyhabits30s_v03_zpswxn6sigg.jpg

 photo TJ_fathersdayhealthyhabits40s_v03_zpspbchgjdr.jpg

 photo TJ_fathersdayhealthyhabits50s_v03_zpsuant7swr.jpg

Finally if you need some help to encourage your men in your life to get medical attention, here are some great recommendations from Men’s Health Network

  1. Find health providers which have weekend and evening appointments or have offices close to his work.
  2. Schedule simultaneous appointments for the both of you and make fun plans to do something together afterwards.
  3. Find out whether he is more comfortable seeing a male or female health care provider and make sure he’s seeing the one he prefers. On a related note, try to avoid physicians who tend to scold.
  4. Recruit male friends or relatives with good health habits to help reinforce your message.
  5. Point out the connection between good health and good physical and mental performance in sports, work stamina, etc.
  6. Gently remind him that his children will be influenced by the example he sets when forming life-long health habits.
  7. Decide on an exercise routine that involves, and is enjoyable to, the both of you. If necessary, make the exercise out to be something for you that you need his support for even if it’s primarily for his own benefit.

Blue isn’t just a color—in fact, on June 16 blue can help raise awareness about health issues impacting men like prostate and testicular cancers. Join the #ShowUsYourBlue and #MensHealthMonth campaign by wearing blue to work Friday, June 16

****This post contains sponsored links from  Tommy John


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