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A Day in Our Life

I’m a sucker for “a day in our life” post!!  I had great intentions to do a post about what we did last Friday but halfway through the day I forgot to take pictures!! So I decided I would try again Sunday.  SUCCESS!!!!

Sunday mornings mean we get to sleep in (just a little later than normal).  So I was up and ready to start the day at 6:24 am.


Before I went upstairs to check on the girls I started a load of laundry…


and then noticed I still had a HUGE pile of clean clothes that I needed to put up. 🙁


I then went to check on our dogs that were outside and enjoyed a few peaceful minutes.


next was feeding time for the crazy pugs.


I walked upstairs to check on the girls… If you look really close you can see a leg under the bed.  Abigail had 3 friends spend the night and they were playing house in her room.  Someone’s house was underneath the bed.


I quickly went back downstairs to get the chicken going in the crock pot for our Sunday School Swim party later that night.  I was making Shredded Barbecue Chicken.


Abigail and her friends asked for donuts for breakfast so of course that is what they got…


After everyone was fed we headed to church.


So glad that we had a friend join us for church 🙂


After church we came home and just relaxed on the couch.


And of course watched the Formula One race.


The girls played with Abigail’s new Wubble Ball.


I had some extra time Sunday afternoon so I meal prepped a few healthy meals for the week…


Kate and I then headed outside for some pool time.



Sunday night our Sunday School class had a Pool Party so we ate dinner with about 12 families.  I love our church family!!


When we got home from the party it was time to tackle the laundry that had been piling up all week!!! I hate laundry.


Image result for laundry pile meme

Image result for laundry pile meme

I ended my night watching Netflix.  I have been binge watching Blue Bloods but it may be time to add another show to the mix.  Does anyone have a Netflix show that they would recommend??


Finally it was time to turn the lights out, set the alarm, and go to bed!


This is pretty much how we spend most Sundays.  I hope you enjoyed the quick glimpse into our life.

Have a wonderful Thursday!!


8 thoughts on “A Day in Our Life

  1. I love this post! The laundry situation around here doubles in the summer and I don’t know how they do it. We finished Blue Bloods last week and then started “How I Met you Mother” (we had never seen it) and a favorite, “The Wonder Years”.

    1. Thanks! I swear if I could hire someone to just do laundry I would. I have started How I Met your Mother but it was dragging for me so I just skipped to the last season to see how it ended – LOL!!! Wonder Years is a great idea. 🙂

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