A Day in Our Life

I’m a sucker for “a day in our life” post!!  I had great intentions to do a post about what we did last Friday but halfway through the day I forgot to take pictures!! So I decided I would try again Sunday.  SUCCESS!!!!

Sunday mornings mean we get to sleep in (just a little later than normal).  So I was up and ready to start the day at 6:24 am.

 photo Screenshot_20170611-062416_zpslpdd5edf.png

Before I went upstairs to check on the girls I started a load of laundry…

 photo 20170611_070446_zpsl9zwv3bi.jpg

and then noticed I still had a HUGE pile of clean clothes that I needed to put up. 😦

 photo 20170611_070452_zpsfgtryflv.jpg

I then went to check on our dogs that were outside and enjoyed a few peaceful minutes.

 photo 20170611_070608_zpsj3jnqohg.jpg

next was feeding time for the crazy pugs.

 photo 20170611_071103_zpsdhfczyed.jpg

I walked upstairs to check on the girls… If you look really close you can see a leg under the bed.  Abigail had 3 friends spend the night and they were playing house in her room.  Someone’s house was underneath the bed.

 photo 20170611_070908_zpsun7ydddm.jpg

I quickly went back downstairs to get the chicken going in the crock pot for our Sunday School Swim party later that night.  I was making Shredded Barbecue Chicken.

 photo 20170611_071436_zpso4awk8ql.jpg

Abigail and her friends asked for donuts for breakfast so of course that is what they got…

  photo IMG_5606_zpsdzw3xwrx.jpg

After everyone was fed we headed to church.

 photo 20170611_115623_zpseqx6uhs9.jpg

So glad that we had a friend join us for church 🙂

 photo 20170611_115939_zpshc7rdv62.jpg

After church we came home and just relaxed on the couch.

 photo 20170611_133138_zpsdaranict.jpg

And of course watched the Formula One race.

 photo 20170611_133303_zps5gzc7ag1.jpg

The girls played with Abigail’s new Wubble Ball.

 photo 20170611_133834_zpsjih8ea6d.jpg

I had some extra time Sunday afternoon so I meal prepped a few healthy meals for the week…

 photo PhotoGrid_1497271854084_zpscp957y9n.png

Kate and I then headed outside for some pool time.

 photo 20170611_145914_zpsazx6jfbg.jpg

 photo 20170611_145938_zpsik6ohtxz.jpg

Sunday night our Sunday School class had a Pool Party so we ate dinner with about 12 families.  I love our church family!!

 photo IMG_20170611_195332_200_zpssh32tbzh.jpg

When we got home from the party it was time to tackle the laundry that had been piling up all week!!! I hate laundry.

 photo 20170611_194727_zpsoycul6oj.jpg

Image result for laundry pile meme

Image result for laundry pile meme

I ended my night watching Netflix.  I have been binge watching Blue Bloods but it may be time to add another show to the mix.  Does anyone have a Netflix show that they would recommend??

 photo 20170611_214839_zpsy9pb0s3v.jpg

Finally it was time to turn the lights out, set the alarm, and go to bed!

 photo Screenshot_20170611-221955_zps8zid8qet.png

This is pretty much how we spend most Sundays.  I hope you enjoyed the quick glimpse into our life.

Have a wonderful Thursday!!



8 thoughts on “A Day in Our Life

  1. tractorsandglam says:

    I love this post! The laundry situation around here doubles in the summer and I don’t know how they do it. We finished Blue Bloods last week and then started “How I Met you Mother” (we had never seen it) and a favorite, “The Wonder Years”.


    • Life. Love. Reality. says:

      Thanks! I swear if I could hire someone to just do laundry I would. I have started How I Met your Mother but it was dragging for me so I just skipped to the last season to see how it ended – LOL!!! Wonder Years is a great idea. 🙂


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