Bathroom Remodel

Our bathroom is finally completed, so today I’m showing off our beautiful, remodeled bathroom.  However, before I can show you our bathroom let’s take a look at how it all started.  Sunday, January 8th we came home from church and there was water coming out of our garage.  I thought this was strange but I thought it was probably our hot water heater.  I walked into our bathroom and could immediately see the problem…  standing water in our bathroom.

 photo 20170108_133825_zpsoygbxsvo.jpg

all caused by this little pipe that busted.

 photo 20170108_181533_zpspqdz5bzm.jpg

Thank goodness ServePro came out and starting drying up all of the water.

 photo 20170108_204656_zpstraveosv.jpg

Here is our bathroom before all of the demolition began…

 photo PhotoGrid_1490025829702_zpsjqfnzpri.png

Let the DEMO begin…

 photo 20170321_072446_zpsrwgfxfc7.jpg

 photo 20170321_072439_zpsm67iaxym.jpg

We picked out all of our tile at Floor & Decor…

 photo 20170209_185620_zpsgvpxqts4.jpg

Finally it was time to start the bathroom remodel.  I love our shower tile and the accent tiles are my FAVORITE!!

 photo 20170327_172310_zpsi2zuotha.jpg

 photo 20170329_183209_zpspedt3dxr.jpg

 photo 20170329_183153_zpsa8lnhinr.jpg

We had an amazing guy build us custom cabinets.

 photo 20170405_074917_zpsipxjtvjb.jpg

 photo 20170410_175357_zps5ybleili.jpg

Trying to pick a paint was harder than picking tile!!

 photo IMG_20170402_180101_369_zpshisnsv3r.jpg

Almost done… just waiting on the glass for the shower.

 photo 20170413_183453_zpszmrjvtvt.jpg

Drum Roll Please……

Here is our remodeled bathroom.

so just a reminder this was before….

 photo PhotoGrid_1490025829702_zpsjqfnzpri.png


  photo 20170619_091746_zpsw6sy6bsr.jpg

 photo 20170619_091341_zpssty253ej.jpg

I added a few cute sayings from Hobby Lobby.

 photo 20170619_062700_zpshiqoiv5b.jpg

 photo 20170619_062654_zpseay7f09q.jpg

Remodel details

Granite –

White Ice Granite

Tile –

Floor – Concrete Gray Ceramic Tile

Shower Wall (tile) – Pure Snow White Shiny Glass Tile

Shower Wall (accent tile) – Arabesque Fleur Gray Water Jet Cut Glass Mosaic

Shower Floor – Carrara White Hexagon Marble Mosaic

Paint –

Walls – Anonymous (Behr)

Cabinets – Alabaster (Sherwin Williams)


I hope you enjoyed my big reveal.  Have a wonderful Tuesday!!

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15 thoughts on “Bathroom Remodel

  1. Michelle says:

    Looks gorgeous. We just completed two bathroom redos and as much work and mess as it was, happy with the results. I like your tile picks!


  2. Shelly @ The Queen in Between says:

    Looks so, so good Jessica!! I still have some work to do in our bathrooms with the paint and decor. I really hate that paint is my hardest choice!


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