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Summer DIY – Top 5 Projects


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Hi my name is Jessica and I am addicted to Pinterest!!  So when Amanda started a fun Pinterest Link Up I knew that I had to participate.   This month’s Pinterest topic is “Summer DIY”.   I found five things that I hope that we can try this summer…


This is a really cute project and looks super easy!!

How to make paint scrape art notecards. Fun and simple DIY art project idea for kids.

Paint Scrape Art


There are so many mason jar crafts on pinterest that I could probably do a different one everyday for a month.  However, my favorite ones are the ones where you use glow in the dark paint.  I think my girls would love this craft.

Fairy Glow Jar | 18 DIY Summer Tumblr Room Decor Ideas that are insanely cute!

Mason Jar Craft


Making Tie Dye shirts is already on our Summer Bucket List.  This pin will definitely come in handy when we make our shirts.

So many ways to tie dye your spiral tee this summer. Try one of these awesome pattern techniques today with Tulip One-Step Tie Dye!

Tie Dye Craft


The girls love to make artwork for their room.  I thought this pin was perfect for the girls since we are in the process of updating their room.  This artwork will look great on their walls!

This Canvas String Art Graffiti project is fun for kids and adults alike.  While this is a spray paint project, you can use alternative paints or dyes for younger children.

Canvas String Art Graffiti 


I saved the best for last…

I immediately thought “this looks really hard” however there is a video on this site and it’s super easy!! You have to use alcohol ink paint, which I’ve never heard of, but I found the paint at JoAnns!  I plan to try this craft next month, so I’ll keep you posted.

This fired ink art is so cool! It's easy enough for kids to do and turns out beautiful! Great summer craft activity to do with your kids. DIY home decor or wall art.

Fired Ink Art



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