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Friday Favorites – Washington DC Vacation Tips


We had an amazing family vacation this past week.  If we could pick up and move to DC I would do that in a heartbeat!  We absolutely love DC.  I am still going through all of our pictures and working on a post all about the fun we had.  However, today I wanted to share my Top Five tips on how to have a wonderful vacation in Washington DC.



The White House Tour was the highlight of our trip.  You can not walk up to the guest entrance and ask for a tour.  You MUST submit a request through one’s Member of Congress.  The link to our Texas Senator’s page.  We did submit our request 2.5 months prior to our vacation and if you can submit it earlier definitely do that.  Sadly we were put on the wait list for the White House Tour.  However, we have some amazing friends that have connections in the White House and that contact put our request in and it was APPROVED!!



We also really enjoyed the US Capitol Tour tour.  We also submitted a tour request through our Senator’s page  2.5 months prior to our vacation and it was approved within a week after it was submitted. However, even though the website says you have to submit a request online we saw a lot of people just walk up and get a tour.  If you do this you may have to wait for the first available time, but it is at least an option for those that were not able to contact their senator’s office.


Dinner reservations are a must!  We have a couple of restaurants that we love to visit when we are in Washington DC and these places sometimes have very long wait times!  The week before we left I went on to Open Table – Washington DC and made reservations for our two favorite places – Legal Seafood and Old Ebbit Grill.   I’m so glad we had these reservations because when we showed up to both places the wait time for others was over a hour long!



Washington DC is nice during the day but it is beautiful at night. I  would encourage you to walk around the city at night and enjoy seeing all of the monuments lit up.

Washington DC is one of the safest cities we have ever visited. In fact one of our Uber drivers said that the city is so safe that I could go running at 3am in the morning and be completely safe.


Explore, walk everywhere, have fun!

We walked over 30 miles, went to eight different museums, and saw several different memorials and monuments. Our girls never really complained about all of the walking we did, however,  we did take 15 Uber rides around town.



Once I catch up on the huge pile of laundry we have on our bedroom floor I will start to work on a post or two about all of the places we visited last week.








13 thoughts on “Friday Favorites – Washington DC Vacation Tips

    1. It is a great place for a family vacation!! If you were not able to see the pictures this morning I have edited the post and the pictures are working now. If you have any blogging advice on picture uploading please let me know! 🙂 Have a great weekend!

  1. Love this! My husband and I adore D.C., but we’re waiting a few years before going with our kids since they’re so little. These tips are gold! I’ll have to pin it so I don’t forget. BTW, most of your images are showing up with a photobucket error. Can’t wait to see more of your trip!

    1. Thanks! DC is amazing. I have edited the post and the pictures are working now, thanks for letting me know they were not working 🙁 . I really need to find another online provider for pictures uploads!

  2. I haven’t been to D.C. since I was a kid! We’re actually thinking about possibly taking our kids sometime possibly this fall. They are at a perfect age and I’d love to go back and visit. Stopping by from H54F! Have a great weekend and a happy 4th!

  3. Great tips! I would have thought you could just show up and take tours of these places and would have been very disappointed! We really want to go to DC (my husband has been, but the rest of us haven’t) we are just going to wait for Guy to get a little older. I loved all of your tips. Happy Friday!

    1. Thanks! You definitely need to plan a trip. I was surprised how much the girls loved learning about congress and all of the US history. BTW if you were not able to see the pictures I have edited the post and the pictures are working now 🙁 I really need to find another server for pictures.

  4. DC is such a great vacation spot especially with kids about the ages of yours. So much to do and see. You captured some great photos. So happy you guys had fun! Sounds like you really know how to plan a vacation!!! Happy 4th weekend!

  5. I really, really want to take Riley in the fall for a little trip. Can’t wait to see your details.

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