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I only worked 3 days this week and I feel like today is my Wednesday.  I’m so glad that it’s Friday because I’m still cleaning up from our 4th of July weekend.  Today I’m headed to somewhere really exciting and I’ll  share the details next week but before I leave I wanted to share a few of my favorites from this week.

4th of July

I love celebrating the 4th of July in our wonderful city.   Every year we get up early and go downtown for the parade.  After the parade we head home and get ready for our annual party.


After our party one of our favorite couples joined us for the firework show…




Lake Texoma Fun

I am pretty sure we will never own a boat but we have some awesome friends that own boats and lake houses so it is so nice to spend time with our friends on the lake.  This past weekend we spent the day on Lake Texoma and we have really enjoyed lake life.


Danny and the girls both tubed.  And then Danny and I even water skied!   It has been over 20 years since I’ve skied and I was shocked that I got up on the 2nd try!!


All of the yummy food I made for the lake…


New Haircut!!

This week was hair week!!!  I have decided that I want to grow my hair out so my awesome hair girl added some new color to my hair and just trimmed up the edges.  Hair days are my favorite!!!


Little Camper

Yesterday we sent Kate off on her first church camp!  I loved going to church camps when I was younger.  I can’t wait for her to get home so that I can hear about all of the fun she had while she was at camp.

I am so thankful that she has some awesome friends that she’s grown up with at church.


Her cabin group…


and they’re off…



Photobucket 🙁

This is not a favorite but I wanted to let everyone know that my blog will be “under construction” for the next month thanks to PHOTOBUCKET!  This post from ZD Net sums up exactly what happened… Via ZD Net

Photobucket has angered users after quietly introducing changes which have left many online sellers and promoters with “ransom” notes instead of linked images on their websites.

Without warning, the image hosting service’s Terms of Service have now been changed to disable third-party sharing and embedding features unless users are willing to pay for the service.

While some image hosting providers use this model successfully, Photobucket has been accused of “blackmailing” users by not informing them of the changes. In addition, users have taken to both Twitter and Facebook to vent their fury at the charge now being sought by the company, which is an annual fee of $399 for “third-party hosting.”

I am so furious because I have almost 3000 pictures stored on Photobucket and almost six years of blog posts that now have this horrible gray box where all of my pictures were. So I will be working to edit my blog post but it will definitely take some time.

Let’s end on a happy note… It is Friday and the weekend has finally arrived!! I hope you have a wonderful weekend.









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  1. Haha ok so we spend a few weeks every year saying, “Yes we will buy a boat.” Then we hear all the horrors of boats breaking down (even new ones) and costs and we are like….nope! And our friends with boats? Most have sold them! Bummer! Yay for church camp! My daughter just finished up her week last week and is counting the days down til next summer’s camp. Love the hair! Your 7/4 looked great! Enjoy your trip!

  2. So awesome to have a lake nearby to spend some fammly time at. Looks like you had a wonderful 4th- Happy Friday and have a great weekend!

  3. I adore your haircut! Looks great! And it sounds like you had an awesome fourth! Ugh-sorry to hear about Photobucket issues. Hang in there! Excited to hear about your trip!

  4. I just love y’alls little town celebration on the 4th! I also really wanted to chop my hair into an angled bob when I saw your haircut…so cute! Of course I chickened out. Oh man…that photobucket thing has so many people jacked up. I’m so sorry that you are having to deal with that!!

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